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Promotional Umbrella:

Promotional umbrellas and printed umbrellas are one of the best products today for promotional activity.

With a wide range of styles of promotional umbrellas to choose from, we at Promovate, will mark your promotional item to increase the recognition of your company and stand out in a multitude of people, all the time.

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Why invest in promotional and personalized umbrellas?

The distribution of branded products will bring great recognition to your company, and printed umbrellas are no exception. Not only are they visually appealing, but also incredibly functional, custom umbrellas can help establish a strong brand that clearly differentiates you from your competitors.

The large print area ensures high visibility promotional umbrellas. That ensures high visibility at all times. offers a series of printing options that allow you to customize one, two or even four umbrella panels with your logo printed in 1 to 4 colors (including full-color CMYK).

Enjoy full 360-degree advertising with our high-quality custom umbrellas. Explore our catalog for more information on personalized umbrella printing, or contact our team of experts to discuss today.

Why use Umbrella as promotional gifts?

Many companies use umbrellas to promote their business, as they are frequently used in the corporate sphere and can help to easily spread the name, logo, and advertising of your company.

In addition, the functionality of rain umbrellas is a key factor for its usefulness, since they are used whenever it rains or even for protection against UV rays from the harsh sun.

Internal and customized umbrella printing for superior quality umbrella logos applied internally by Promotional Products, which gives us 100% total quality control for each umbrella we customize.

We use the latest printing technique that provides unparalleled precision, as well as beautiful design that does not fade with time. The logos can also be printed in full color (CMYK) so that your advertising message never gets lost and fits perfectly to your website, catalogs, and brochures.

We at are genuinely committed to offering exceptional customer service at all times. Our promotional umbrellas come with a low price guarantee and a 100% customer happiness guarantee, so you can rely on us to supply high-quality promotional umbrellas, always.

Explore our wide range of custom printed umbrellas in stock and start building your brand’s credibility today! The simplicity and convenience of an umbrella make them a very popular promotional gift idea.

Perfect for gifts of fairs, Christmas gifts, and promotions in general. Our promotional umbrellas are perceived as a generous and practical gift. Our branded umbrellas come in a wide variety of colors and are easily printed with your logo or message.

Wide range of Promotional Umbrella only at Promovate:

From the business point of view, the advertising gift must create an association with the brand, in order to multiply the effect of impact and recall of the brand, product or service.

Indeed, an advertising gift chosen based on these characteristics can create a lasting memory, and in fact, there are studies that number in more than 80% the total of consumers who, having received a publicity gift in the last year, remember the brand who has delivered it.

Promotional, personalized and travel umbrellas – Our range of promotional and corporate quality umbrellas includes golf umbrellas, folding umbrellas, executive umbrellas, travel umbrellas and other types of umbrellas. Explore and order our range of corporate umbrellas online or contact us today to discuss your specific promotional umbrella needs.

Umbrellas for exclusive business gifts:

If you are thinking of a gift umbrella as a promotional detail within your marketing and advertising strategy, it is the right choice.

A simple and very economical option, although very rare, is the printing of logos in the closing loop. The result is very elegant, and also guarantees the visibility of your brand even when the umbrella is closed.

The folding gift umbrellas offer extra support for the printing of your logo, which is often not taken into account to reinforce the presence of your brand.

Custom umbrellas as an advertising gift:

Personalized promotional umbrellas meet all the characteristics that define the ideal advertising gift:

  • For utility, because they are an irreplaceable and necessary element most of the year.
  • For the added value we can give, such as lightness (opting for fiberglass structures) or resistance (anti-wind systems).
  • For exclusivity, such as the one provided by our new aerodynamic umbrella model, as well as the most original customization techniques

In addition, there is no other promotional item that adds to these features a large area useful for printing your logo or advertising message, can be made a total personalization by digital sublimation in full color with photographic quality, a range of possibilities for creative minds.

Aspects of choosing an advertising gift:

There are several factors that a business organization should value when choosing an advertising gift, including:

  • The target audience, according to their cultural preferences, economic level, geographical situation, and etc.
  • Seasonality, depending on the duration of the campaign and time of year in which it is developed.
  • Budget, total available or unitary, which will determine the possibilities at our disposal, from a simple advertising keychain to gadgets of the latest technology.
  • Personalization, defining the visual aspects and technical characteristics that give the gift originality and exclusivity.
  • And finally, how it will be distributed, to reach the target audience.

One of the recurrent queries from our clients is about the different options available for the customization of our promotional umbrellas.

That is, what possibilities exist to translate a logo, an advertising message or even a set of images and text into a promotional umbrella. At Promovate, we have a wide range of colors and styles of umbrella that you can order for your promotional gifts.

Come and visit our site and we are sure, you will be amazed to see the range of items we have included on our site.

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