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Personal Care

Promotional Personal Care:

Nowadays, most people worry about taking care of their bodies, not only their bodies but also their health. That is why in, we offer a category called “Personal Care”, which as its name indicates is focused on promotional products for personal care.

At Promovate, find the best products for personal care and at the best prices

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Do you want to give personal care products to your clients?

If your company is interested in offering this kind of products, when visiting the collection that we put at your disposal you will have the possibility of finding varied personalized gifts.

Similarly, it should be noted that each of the products offered in this category can be customized with the printing of your logo, advertising or design that your company wishes.

They are items that stand out for being made with excellent quality materials, so once printed with the advertising of your brand, it can be present in the life of your audience for a long period, offering a continuous promotion for the company.

Learn about the products we offer within this category:

From Promovate, we present the great collection that makes up the personalized gifts we offer within our collection dedicated to personal care, in which your brand can find very suitable products, whether you offer them in beauty centers or pharmacies or use them as gifts of the company for clients.

Some of the items available in this category are:

  • Personal Stress Ball
  • Colourbrite Nail Care
  • Lip Service Lip Balm
  • Klenz Wipes
  • Buzz Earplugs
  • Broadway Nail File
  • Pocket Mirro – And lots of other branded promotional Personal Care items.

We not only offer a wide range of personalized above items, but we also personalize them with screen printing so that your company can use them as advertising gifts, which will allow you to increase both the visibility and the reach of your brand.

These personalized products represent an ideal alternative to show your audience that your company cares for them, offering them articles that will be useful for their personal care while allowing you to promote your brand effectively.

They are also highly valued gifts by customers since they have a daily and necessary use in their lives.

We all know that hygiene is a fundamental aspect of people’s lives because, in addition to helping to maintain an appropriate state of health, it allows us to maintain a pleasant, clean and above all healthy appearance and not only in front of us themselves but also before others.

Stress Ball:

Today, stress is one of the major problems and that is why we have a wide range of stress balls to choose from. According to us, this is one of the best promotional gifts which you can giveaways among your staff, clients, employees, and etc.

Precisely that is the reason why the stress ball that we have in Promovate are very successful as a promotional gift.

Having the opportunity to enjoy those little moments of relaxation, well-being and tranquility is essential to recovering both energy and strength.

That is why from Promovate, we are committed to the welfare of your customers, offering you numerous advertising articles that are intended to promote this kind of moments, which having your brand logo, will allow your audience to have your company present in moments as precious as these, thus reinforcing their loyalty to the brand.

Within our wide selection of personal care products, you can also get items such as wellness sets and personalized candles, which include everything you need to offer your clients the opportunity to experience moments of relaxation from the hand of your company.

Manicure and pedicure:

It can not be denied that the care of the nails, regardless of whether they are of the hands and/or the feet, consists of one of the basic aspects of personal care and hygiene, which should not be neglected if one wants to have a clean appearance, nice and beautiful.

That is the reason why in Promovate, we consider that having a personalized manicure set or pedicure is an excellent gift of a company since it allows us to offer a useful, practical and very useful product, which is personalized will improve the image of the brand in front of its audience.

Why trust in Promovate to buy promotional branded gifts?

In, we believe that there is no better way to consolidate your brand than good service and as not offering your customers customized advertising gifts that are functional. But above all your customers can use them in their day to day, no matter where they go or Where they are, whether it’s in your home, office or car, the important thing is that your brand is always present.

We also know that there is no better commercial strategy to reach, stay and impact your customers than making gifts of advertising company marked, keep in mind that when you print your logo, phrase or design in any type of promotional item your brand will create new visual impacts and maybe future clients.

We are a good choice, we have endeavored to create this online store, where you can find all kinds of cheap merchandising gifts and cheap gadgets, which has innovative and genuine promotional items that you can buy and customize quickly with your logo, In Promovate, you will find the gifts you are looking for.

It does not matter if you need to promote your brand in an event that is sporty, or in a singles party, or because not to give details on your wedding day, we have hundreds of cheap promotional gifts ideal for each occasion, and how could it be less if you are looking for children’s gifts for boys and girls, you have a section dedicated to the little ones.

What are the most popular advertising gifts to give to our customers?

In our online store, we have many advertising items that you can choose to give to your customers, but it is important to consider the benefit that this can give to the recipient, what is most valued in advertising gifts is that they are practical and original products, but above all that can be used every day.

Come and visit our site. We have hundreds of branded promotional items with which you can surely surprise your clients and employee with your company’s logo and/or brand name.

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