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Promotional T-Shirts:

Most new business owners assume the false thinking that you have to spend a large amount of money to promote your brand or to keep the marketing engine of your business going. At Promovate, we have a large category of products that you can use for your branding at very low cost.

Promotional T-shirts is one of the best products which you can use as gifts.

Be sure to start with the basics or you can try to instill a creative and innovative approach when promoting your business. One technique that has attracted a lot of attention is the use of cheap custom t-shirts. There is no better idea than this to start businesses and spread the word about their existence.

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Products that you will find on Promovate:

  • US Basic Mens Short Sleeve Milano Shirt
  • Kids Promo T-Shirt
  • 210g Ladies Vest
  • Jody Fitted T-Shirt
  • Kids All Star T-Shirt
  • Men’s All Star T-Shirt
  • Unisex T-shirt – And many other styles of t-shirts.

How to choose the design for Promotional T-shirts – The best tips:

  • Always look for a fresh and novel way to present your brand through creative t-shirt designs, ways in which they can be seen again and again. An example is making your employees use them.
  • Make the design creative but simple enough so that anyone you have given it to find a use for it.
  • Think of a memorable way to distribute the articles, how to present them with a good package, or during the main trade fairs or events.
  • Always and always means, brand your design incorporating the company logo. For new companies, most think that adding a logo is irrelevant because people still do not recognize it. Well, that’s exactly the point why you should do it: establish a brand and introduce a logo with which to associate your business.
  • The attractiveness, the functionality and the different ways of incorporating creativity into personalized printed t-shirts at low prices make it the perfect choice for promotional items. If you can choose the right strategy from the right t-shirt suppliers, you will be surprised how effective your marketing can be even when you spend only a quarter or less of what other larger companies assign you.

Benefits of personalized promotional t-shirts for business marketing:

At Promovate, we have an extensive range of t-shirts for your promotional gifts. This wide range of promotional t-shirts allows us to satisfy many of the needs of our customers looking for functional, creative and eye-catching products.

The multifaceted team is the reason why the company Promovate is often engaged in the implementation of projects that require services from A to Z on one hand.

  1. No Minimum Orders:

Due to the fact that the preparation and configuration for our printing machine is barely existent and that it is really easy to place the shirt in its support, it makes this technique the perfect choice for few T-shirt printing units.

Many have been the people who have valued and chosen the option of getting one of these machines to start your personalized t-shirt branding.

At Promovate, we have the perfect printing method if you need to print T-shirts for a bachelor party, birthday parties, charity events to raise funds or promotional items for your next marketing event. This means that it does not matter what printing requirements you have since this technique can cover a wide range of needs.

  1. Perfect For Online Sale:

As digital printing allows us to print without minimum quantity, it is the ideal solution if what you are looking for is to create your own business to sell your designs in an online or physical store.

You will not need anything more than the designs and the t-shirts and shirts you will have to make the impression on.

This technique has no start-up costs or previous preparations when we talk about white or light colored garments, for colored garments we will need a pre-treatment-, so your brand will not need to have a high price for the public.

  1. Respectful of the environment:

The inks that we use in our digital printing machines are water-based, which makes this technique one of the most respectful with the environment.

If you want to be 100% eco-friendly, we recommend that you use white or light colored garments composed of recycled and/or organic cotton to reproduce your creations.

We must bear in mind that for black or dark garments, a pre-treatment base is needed for the ink to adhere correctly to the garment. This pre-treatment contains chemicals.

  1. Maximum detail:

Have you ever taken a picture and thought it would look great on a shirt? Or do you have photos that would be perfect on some garment?

Just like a home printer, digital printing allows us to print an image in full color, with great detail, as you see it in your camera or computer.

This means that it is the perfect printing technique to make gifts, being able to personalize t-shirts with a specific image for the person to whom it is given away. A unique gift!

  1. Comfort and soft touch:

When we use digital printing to create designs on t-shirts, the ink is completely integrated into the fabric, since it does not need any additional layer. This gives a very soft and comfortable result for who wears it.

With colored garments, the same thing happens, but we must bear in mind that the garment will have a layer of pre-treatment and a white base layer before the color ink, which will add a small difference in thickness if we compare it with the white shirts. But it will still have a soft touch finish.

Perfect for everyday wear, and highly recommended for the fashion industry.

Promovate – We are not just a company:

If you are thinking about making personalized t-shirts in the future, do not hesitate to have digital printing as a first option. Promovate will be more than happy to take care of whatever your order is. Our team is sufficiently trained and prepared to handle any request. As we can also advise you which techniques or garments to use that best fit your budget.

So do not hesitate to contact us, you can simply visit our site for more details. Contact us right now and a member of our team will contact you at the earliest!

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