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Corporate Clothing

Work with the Best Corporate Clothing Companies in South Africa

When you are working on a marketing campaign, and you want to give it longevity while also making it all-encompassing, corporate clothing is something you’ll want to consider.

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Corporate clothing companies in South Africa, like Promovate, provide the very best quality corporate clothing. And we’ll brand it!

Corporate clothing to give your staff a professional look

In a nutshell, corporate clothing consists of the branded uniforms that a company’s employees wear to work each day as well as any other clothing that has your company’s branding on it. And at Promovate we stock quality affordable corporate clothing.

Companies across the globe wear corporate clothing and you can kit out your company as well when you buy your corporate wear from us.

We stock a wide variety of clothing and other apparel for you to choose from. With the option of applying personal branding to your wear, you can really create a stunning uniform for your staff or clothing for promotional purposes.

Our wide range of uniform options will give you the best opportunity to select the right corporate wear for your company. You can match the colours of your company’s branding to the colours of the clothing you choose, and your staff are guaranteed to be comfortable in the styles that we stock. The various styles that we have available will suit a wide range of industries.

While we can give you some advice regarding the clothing that you select, the final choice is up to you.

Promovate offers a range of different types of corporate clothing including long sleeved shirts, golf shirts, and basic short sleeve shirts. So whether you are looking for a shirt or a dress, you can find it at Promovate. In addition, all of these items are very affordable giving you the opportunity to save money and buy in bulk, so that all of your staff benefit.

Make sure that you brand it!

The clothing that is going to stand out the most, and become the most memorable are those that have been branded with your company details or logo. Sure you can have matching uniforms, but it is ultimately the branding that matters the most when it comes to giving your corporate wear a real purpose. When you choose Promovate as the company to provide you with your uniforms, you don’t have to worry about taking your items elsewhere for the embroidery of logos, we provide this as a part of our service. This is what makes us a one stop shop for all of your work wear and gifting needs.

The benefits of branded corporate clothing

You might just think that it is all about the image that your clothing is representing, but it is so much more than that. For some companies, branded clothing means that they have really made it, they are a success; while other companies look at branded clothing as a way for their staff to identify themselves as a part of the team. Branded uniforms have other perks as well, such as:

Your company clothing is basically free advertising when it is done right and looks professional. When your employees are wearing their uniforms, they are walking advertising and this can help you to promote your business.

Should your company be one that deals with hundreds of customers every day, having a uniform for your employees means that you will be easily able to distinguish between who your employees are and who your customers are. This benefit will also suit your customers as they will be able to easily pinpoint your staff.

Branded clothing for work can bring people together in terms of building the reputation of the company and can go a long way towards helping a company build on the trust that people have in the company.

If you are looking to give your company a professional look and feel, then the best way to do just that is to have branded clothing for your staff. The professional aspect of this style of clothing also helps to bring your staff together and make them feel part of a serious team.

If your corporate wear doubles as safety wear, then you will be protecting your workers as well. Just about any type of safety wear can be branded and made to look professional.

Corporate clothing is as important as ever before. Although more and more modern businesses are favouring smart casual clothing in the work environment, not all of your staff are likely to take the smart side into consideration. Styles can vary when everyone is wearing the clothing they prefer, and soon you might have your staff looking a little too casual. Uniforms don’t have to be the uptight, uncomfortable outdated outfits that many people imagine.

But not all companies have the opportunity to choose between having a corporate clothing identity or not. There are some industries in which the use of uniforms is mandatory. Restaurants, shopping stores as well as just about any medical establishment is going to have certain rules in place, such as having a uniform. If you are in charge of kitting out staff in respectable, neat corporate uniforms, you need to consider prices and quality as much as you consider style and colour.

Ideally, the corporate clothing you should buy will be in a style and colour that will suit your staff’s shapes and sizes. With the selection of options available, there is certainly a style that will appeal to all of your staff. Something that you should consider, is to include your staff in the uniform decision making process.

Buy the best right corporate clothing at the lowest prices

The price of uniforms is usually the first thing that goes through the minds of employers when they are considering branded wear. At Promovate however, we try to offer you the lowest prices for the highest quality clothing. Our clothing is guaranteed to have your staff looking smart without the worry about the clothing quality diminishing quickly over time. Our uniforms are economical and you will be saving when you choose to work with Promovate.

And our branded clothing goes beyond just providing you with your work wear, we will also help you to select the right outfits for your staff and assist you with ensuring that you are placing the right sized logo on your clothing. The right sized logo can make the difference between being able to identify your company based on your uniforms rather than being confused with another company.

At Promovate, we are always going out of our way to ensure that our clients always have the best products at the best prices.  Contact us to find out more about the styles and colours we have available.