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Tools Torches and Knives

Promotional Tools, Torches, and Knives:

One of the strategies that are always included in a good and complete marketing campaign is personalized business gifts such as Tools, Torches, and Knives which are extremely useful to the company to give it greater visibility and that it is also, lasting over time this allows you to win new customers and to build loyalty to those already achieved, strengthening the commercial relationship.

At Promovate, you can explore through a wide range of Tools, Torches, and Knives. On all these items, you can print your company name with the logo so it can be the best option to market your product or service.

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Why make personalized promotional gifts?

Promotional business gifts are an effective means of communication that will give you recognition in your sector or service. If we combine the effectiveness of a genuine advertising article with the emotional effect it will cause among your clients when receiving a detail that they did not expect, you can improve the image of your business, you will be able to gain new clients, you will increase and you will build a good reputation for your brand and, best of all, you will achieve that your client is satisfied.

Customized tools, torches, and knives – Ideal for a gift:

When traveling, especially during a trip to the countryside or in the mountains, the promotional knives to be personalized prove to be a great ally to cut a rope if necessary or to help us carry out other jobs.

Not only at the campsite, but also for example during a picnic and on many other occasions. We at, know this very well and that is why we offer our customers various knives and knives that can be donated and personalized with your own logo.

In this section, there are several gadgets to take with you during trips or trips: knives, cutters, toolsets and many other useful and functional products. All are made with the best materials to guarantee durability and use for a long time.

High-quality collectibles of all prices:

At Promovate, our promotional knives to be personalized are, in fact, all strictly in stainless steel, a characteristic that makes them indestructible. From the cheapest to the most expensive, colorful or simple: browse the catalog and discover our wide offer.

If you are looking for a boxcutter with a minimal but complete design, then we recommend the Glider Utility Knife. There are colored ones and mini-knives, precision cutters, multi-function pliers and torch, and various tool kits. You will, therefore, have only the embarrassment of the choice. Every gadget, we remind you, can be customized with the many printing methods suggested, so your logo will always be traveling with you.

Fast and inexpensive online customization:

Customizing your pocket knives will then be easy and fun, you can calculate your estimate in a total autonomy: all prices, including printing, are visible online.

For doubts and information contact us and one of our operators will help you in the purchase and customization. And if you need larger quantities, don’t worry, on the site you can make retail purchases, especially for large companies and large quantities of goods.

Always attentive to quality and the latest trends, our knives ensure safety, utility, and strength, so that your company can always offer its customers the best image. Don’t hesitate, for the personalized promotional tools, torches, and knives. Choose the seriousness and reliability of Promovate.

Some of the branded products we have in Tools, Torches, and Knives category:

  • Functional Pocket Knife
  • Lockback Knife
  • Marksman Terra Knife
  • 6 Piece Knife Set in a Wooden Box
  • Spark Kinetic Torch
  • Lumoglow Safety Light
  • Dynamo Torch
  • Fix-it Screwdriver set
  • Rivet Torch and Tool

Benefits of giving away promotional items:

One way for a company to progress and increase revenues is to invest in advertising for the business. Always oriented to increase the number of clients and retain those who already are.

One of the best advertising media are promotional products since they have many aspects that will benefit your business:

Increase in sales:

Promotional items are designed to generate revenue. This is because they help create a positive association between the user and the company that gave them away.

In addition, it is easier for customers to recommend a company that has had a detail with them to recommend one that has not given them anything.

People love receiving gifts:

A gift has a positive connotation, which translates into positive thinking towards the company that has provided it.

This type of thinking occurs regardless of the type of gift that has been received. However, it is important to emphasize that the more that gift is adapted to the values of the company, the better the result will be.

Brand Remembrance:

A very important advantage is that promotional gifts encourage brand recall. Especially if they contain the stamped logo, and the brand will be present in the customer’s memory.

Without much cost:

It is a relatively smaller investment than an advertising campaign, but you can achieve the same or even better results.

More coverage:

Promotional gifts usually pass from hand to hand. For example, it is very common to lend a pen. If your brand is stamped on it, you get more people than you initially thought. It is a way for you to advertise your brand for free.

In short, a great advantage of advertising articles is that you not only reach your customers but also your potential customers.

Luxury promotional gifts, elegance, and quality:

Classics, modern or exclusive, that’s how our luxury business gifts are. At Promovate, you will get a wide range of great brands and prestigious designers branded promotional gift items. Let your creativity fly and have designed exclusive merchandising articles for clients and VIPs, items for men and women that are elegant and especially economical, where the quality and prestige of your brand is the priority.

At Promovate, we know that the exclusive gifts of well-known brands are advertising that turns out to be very effective with B2B clients, a luxury detail makes your customers feel pleasantly valued.