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Promotional Lanyards:

If you are planning for the unique yet useful promotional item, then what can be better than Lanyards. It is the best product that can be used as promotional items. Lanyards are cheap and can be used on many occasions as an advertising medium. It does not matter if you distribute it to the visitors at fairs, concerts and similar events

What do lanyards consist of?

The selection of the key chain promotional items models is huge and accordingly diverse. Various colors and materials offer plenty of design and finishing options. So it does not always have to be just a lanyard made of polyester. Discover the other lanyard materials in the Promovate online shop.

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The felt loops are usually so-called short-lanyards and are used primarily as a key chain. The keychains made of felt convince by their high-quality and appealing look, as well as by the fluffy soft feel.

Although a felt lanyard is usually shorter than a conventional lanyard, it still offers large advertising space for printing due to its width. Also, a felt lanyard demonstrates its sustainability, so that companies can not only present an advertising message but also express their environmentally conscious philosophy by choosing an ecological felt loop as an advertising medium.

Advantages of Lanyards as promotional items:

With the large selection of advertising material, choosing a suitable advertising medium to represent a company is often difficult. Therefore, it is especially important to be aware of the benefits of a particular promotional item and to consider whether it makes sense for your promotional purposes and intentions.

Logo lanyards combine many promotional features. They appeal to two of the advertiser’s most important senses – the sense of sight and touch and convince with their high added value for the customer due to their versatility.

Also, we at offer numerous design options and a large, double-sided printable advertising space. The elongated shape of the lanyard is ideal for imprinting the logo, advertising slogan or other company contact information.

Printing lanyards is a cost-effective and effective way to advertise. When designing, choose the colors of your company and create a promotional item that best represents the corporate design of your company.

However, lanyards can not only be used as a giveaway, but are also a decent, yet effective option for company representation in the internal area.

Use logo-printed lanyards at trade shows and other events for your employees. By wearing the branded lanyards you strengthen the corporate identity of the company both externally and internally. With the printed advertising loops, you ensure the simplest way for a uniform appearance and a professional external effect and also strengthen the community structure of your employees.

Take advantage of the numerous advantages of key chains and let lanyards print cheap at Promovate with your company logo.

What are the benefits of Promotional Lanyards product?

  • Large, two-sided advertising space.
  • Inexpensive Giveaway.
  • Selection of different materials and colors.
  • Versatile application possibilities and thus high added value for the customer.
  • Individual design using various finishing techniques.
  • Long-term advertising presentation with sustainable advertising impact.

Lanyards for Events or Promos: 

Lanyards can be used for events or promos. At the bottom of the lanyard, there are plastic or metal carabiners, so that the object attached to them can be removed quickly and easily, without having to pull the lanyard advertising material over the head each time.

To avoid strangulation, many of the lanyard promotional items have an additional closure in the form of a simple plug-in connection incorporated into the neck loop. This safety catch opens by itself under excessive load and protects the wearer in this way against possible injuries.

It makes sense to use printed lanyard promotional products at trade fairs and other events. With the printed ribbons, you can display the affiliation with your company, discreetly represent it and always keep your passport or your special access authorization visible on the body.

Use the advertising power of lanyard advertising and print lanyards cost-effectively at Promovate according to your wishes.

Print lanyards:

Lanyards not only bind keys but customers! Lanyards were originally used to carry passports at events and ski passes on the slopes conveniently and visible around the neck.

Also, Lanyard’s keys kept safe in place, putting an end to the annoying search. What began as a simple tool and lanyard became more and more of a rage. Lanyards appeared everywhere in a wide range of materials and color variations, and simple ribbons became sought-after collector’s items.

Their varied design options raised them to iconic accessories and valued advertising medium for companies and clubs, so that lanyards from the repertoire of advertising materials are now indispensable. And for a good reason! A lanyard in the colors of your company printed with your logo carries more than just lettering. It conveys your positive attitude to modern and innovative advertising.

Promotional Lanyards Products at Promovate:

  • Velcro Lanyard
  • Silicone Lanyard Charging Cable
  • Colour-Max Lanyard – Satin Finish
  • Bliss Conference Pouch & Lanyard and many other attractive and colored lanyards

Your brand ambassador: Lanyards:

The models are all equipped with a snap hook and can also be equipped with a buckle and a safety catch. This allows you to configure and calculate a model tailored to your needs and budget. Make a strong bond between yourself and your customers – practical and effective with a lanyard!

Lanyards with finishing:

The applications of key bands are extremely diverse. For all purposes, however, it is primarily about the object which was attached to the lanyard with logo to carry as close to the body, so as not to lose it and always have it at hand.

At, we have a large selection of lanyards in various widths, materials, and colors for you to customize. Classic and Standard are our bestsellers.

Many of our regular customers like to fall back on. It is convenient and basic services as cost-effective solutions for trade fair and office. Elegant, Premium and Exclusive professionally represent your business and are great for special occasions.

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