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✔️  Size doesn’t matter when you choose that perfect branded gifts for your customers. With that perfect giveaway, you can make that all-important unforgettable impression on your clients and change the way they look at your Uganda based company.

💼 The power of giving away promotional gift products is quite unlike any other style of marketing out there. And with our phenomenal range of corporate gifts, there is something for every type of company.

🎁 Business promotional gifts go by many names but they all serve the same purpose. By incorporating these gifts into your marketing strategy, you can instantly improve your presence among both existing and new clients. At Promovate, with our 16+ years of superb marketing experience and a highly skilled and dedicated team, we provide our clients with high-quality corporate gifts capable of opening new doors. Functional, funky and memorable, our gift collections are the ideal tools for companies to boost their presence and get people talking.

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Our process for finding the best corporate gifts for you

🔍 Sourced from the best suppliers and customized according to our client’s specific needs, we easily meet the needs and expectations of those looking to add some magic to their advertising. We source promotional gifts both locally and internationally, keeping prices affordable, and we complete our service by providing a branding service.

👍 Unlike other promotional gift companies which may source cheaply made corporate gifts, the kind that not only look cheap but which will also inevitably break, we balance out quality with affordability.

💎 We treat each client like our biggest priority and by doing this we ensure that we are always able to offer the most modern gifts, the kind that is already popular in the specific sector our clients work in. In order to do this, we travel far and wide, to various trade shows, while we also scour the web to find the most appropriate gifts.

💡 By allowing our creativity to flow alongside the knowledge we have gained over the years, we are consistently coming up with new ideas that generate excitement. Our promotional gifts are made for those who want to make an unforgettable impact.

⚠️ We only source creative corporate gifts from reliable suppliers which allows us to deliver on time.

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Promotional Products are perfect for all companies in Uganda

💲 Choosing the right gifts for your specific campaign means having the right information, an appropriate budget, and asking the right questions:

  1. Will your gift have a certain purpose? The right gift to give is the gift that will serve a particular purpose in your campaign and the perfect gift is the one that will have an actual use. Some popular gifts include reusable coffee cups, USB drives, and pens.
  2. Will the product you choose reflect your company and your industry? The connection between your gift and your company makes your campaign unforgettable.
  3. Is the gift you are looking at right for your market? While some gifts would be earmarked for those special occasions, such as celebrating your business anniversary, others are your everyday gifts. Know your market and know your occasion.
  4. Will it fit into your budget? Affordable gifts are the way to go, and there are gifts out there that fit into both big and small budgets.

⭐ With affordable, high-quality promotional products, used in a well thought out marketing campaign, you can instantly see a difference in the way people see and support your company.

😀 Promovate offers a tremendous corporate promo gift selection for Uganda and with a team of design experts ready to brand your gifts with whatever you decide, you’ll soon have a formidable campaign at your disposal.