Nano Wave Face Mask



The Nano Wave Face Mask is available int Black, Grey, Camo, Blue, Teal and Pink.

Minimum Order Quantity:  20 units

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Nano Wave Face Mask

The Nano Wave Face Mask is uniquely designed with the latest innovative technology which includes advanced Nano Foam, a multi-layered filtration system, improved overall structure and a breathe easy filtration system. The innovative technology used in the design and construction of the Nano Wave Face Mask ensures that the mask is re-usable for 30 days, provides enhanced protection against viral and bacterial transmissions due to its unique 5 layer filtration system and superior comfort through the masks inherent contour fitting and breathability. Thereby ensuring that our valued clients are guaranteed increased protection, a comfortable wear and durability whilst wearing their Mask. The colour range includes Black, Grey, Camo, Blue, Teal and Pink. Available in Adults and Kids sizes. The Nano Wave’s innovative filtration system is 100% washable and reusable. Uniquely providing protection to the wearer from viral and bacterial infection. Minimum Order Quantity:  20 units