Give your brand the write image! Write with RitterPen.


RitterPen is a German pen manufacturer that has been producing innovative, quality pens for over 45 years!

RitterPen’s strength is to make writing instruments that are not only functional, but also original and distinctive. “Made in Germany”, these pens have a unique design language and a specific “Ritter” look. RitterPen products are characterized by their unusual shape, texture and color.

A look at the Ritter-Pen range shows a wide variety of diversity and innovation: Trendy colors, soft grips, moving beads on the clip, aerodynamically styled surfaces; soft stress-ball pushers … the possibilities are endless. With an almost unlimited range of “Mix & Match” colors, customizing your pen to compliment your advertising message or corporate identity is possible.

Build your pen with our Penbuilder! Whether the look you seek is style, color or form, the “ELEGANCE”, “STRONG”, “CLUB”, “CLEAR” or “BONITA” are just a few models in our vast variety of original writing instruments.RitterPen has state of the art printing techniques that take branding to the next level! From pad and screen printing to 360 degree foiling. No matter your logo RitterPen will

Products by Ritter-Pen are safe, they do not contain toxic or harmful substances outside the industry standards and we can provide transparency for all contents of precursors as well as samples of finished products to ensure appropriate accredited laboratory monitoring. With honesty, integrity and positive thinking Ritter-Pen remains the pen ambassador to the promotional world.

Our latest catalogues show the wide variety of Ritter-Pen and gives you an introduction to the colourful world of pens. Whether you are inspired by our product’s versatility, or if you are specifically looking for the newest trends in sustainability surely our ECO-LINE has something for everyone! Enjoy browsing.