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Promotional Outdoor Branding:

Let Promovate bring your logo to life with a variety of materials and colors to make your business shine this year.

No matter where you plan to carry your brand, highlight your business to potential partners and customers with large, high-quality signage for event signage, outdoor displays, and graphics for your store floor.

By combining your professionally printed business cards and marketing materials with excellent signs, your business will be polished and well represented for any contact or advertising opportunity.

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Do you take your brand to the road? Choose between prints on paper or vinyl, as well as full-color banners to gain visibility and make your brand memorable at any event. There are also full-color vinyl mesh banners to showcase your brand at outdoor and marketing events, along with vertical retractable banners that are placed next to your stand at trade shows.

Products that we Promovate offer for your Outdoor Branding:

  • Vinyl – Window
  • PVC Banners – Double Sided
  • Corporate Digital Desk Flag
  • Gazebo Toolkit
  • Ground Spike
  • ABS Plastic Double Sided
  • Pennants PVC – Digital Double Sided Rectangle
  • Double Sided Vinyl Banner
  • Water bag for Banner Base
  • Double-Sided Forex Signs
  • Scissor Banner Base – And many other products

How to customize your advertising outdoor canvas?

  1. Planning is everything. Before starting, make a storm of ideas to clarify the use that your advertising canvas will have: How it will be used, in what context it will be used or what you want to transmit.
  2. The message of your advertising canvas should be clear, persuasive and understandable to your clients. Always emphasize the benefits of your products and services, but try to do it in a creative and suggestive way.
  3. The good, if brief, twice good. Try to make your message as short and easy to read as possible so that it is much more effective. There is no need to overwhelm with so much information. Think that your banner should make a good impression, so taking care of the content is essential. Keep in mind that more detailed information can be explained to those interested later through brochures, catalogs or with a simple conversation.
  4. Do not forget to include the contact details of your company in your banner or advertising canvas. Imagine you are at an event and you do not have enough time to talk to all the attendees. Add data in the banner as an email, a phone number or social networks of your business can bring you new queries that a priori had lost.

Tips to take into account before printing your advertising canvas:

In a world saturated with ephemeral messages, it is not always easy to create effective and creative promotional materials. In most cases, creativity derives from a simple strategy. Therefore, we give you some tips to keep in mind before printing your advertising canvas:

– Use designs with clear and simple text. No matter what you’re advertising, passers-by are usually doing something else as they pass the advertising banners. So it is very difficult to capture their attention. Imagine you are walking next to an ad with phrases printed in small print, would you stop to read it? Use large and legible letters so that your message is visible both near and far to your customers.

– Consumers are familiar with reading from top to bottom or from left to right, so apply this golden rule to the printing of your advertising banners. It is a simple way to make your main message legible.

– A picture is worth a thousand words, so make sure all the images you use, as well as your logo, are of excellent quality. In this way, you will be providing a professional appearance to your customers.

– A little color does not hurt anyone, so do not be afraid to play with your corporate color palette. Using them in harmony and creatively will help your advertising canvas stand out from the rest. Keep in mind that banners printed in vibrant colors are easy to spot, but they should never prevent the correct readability of the text.

What material is the best for printing advertising for outdoor branding?

The printing of advertising banners is a fairly simple task, much more when you have different styles to choose from. However, it is important to pay special attention to the material they are made of, as there could be significant differences between the desired banner and the final result. Below, we show you the different options available:

– Economical PVC material

– Standard PVC material

– Microperforated canvas resistant to the wind

– Opaque material (printed on both sides)

Like the ‘standard PVC material’, the ‘windproof microperforated canvas’ is particularly suitable for outdoor events. The advertising banners made with mesh canvas come with tiny holes that allow the wind to pass through. In this way, the material does not suffer damage when placed in outdoor spaces.

If what you need is to print a clear and clear banner from all angles, the ‘double-sided printed opaque material’ is a sure way to promote your services. Thanks to the opacity of the material, you can print your cheap double-sided advertising banners with the highest quality, achieving a personalized and eye-catching look on both sides.

At Promovate, with this variety of materials, you can print cheap advertising banners for your outdoor branding with optimal quality without spending a large amount of money. For example, if you have a very tight budget, the ‘economic PVC material’ may be the alternative you are looking for. PVC or plastic banners can be used both indoors and outdoors, and offer a clear and effective result.

On the other hand, if what you are looking for is a publicity banner printed with a certain quality to achieve a more effective result, the ‘standard PVC material’ is the ideal solution.

Made with reinforced PVC material more resistant, this canvas combines practical and aesthetic qualities to turn your ad into something eye-catching and 100% professional. Thanks to the fireproof and waterproof properties of the material, you can place your banner anywhere, either outdoors or indoors.

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Outdoor Branding

2mm Correx – Double Sided

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Outdoor Branding

Indoor Flag Pole