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Promotional Sunglasses:

With Promovate, reinforce your branding with branded promotional Sunglasses.

Why give personalized promotional glasses?

Sunglasses are the most requested summer promotional gifts, because, in addition to being fashionable advertising gadgets, they are also very useful objects, both in summer and in winter, because the rays of the sun shining can annoy the eyes.

Personalized promotional sunglasses are very valid advertising items especially during events and fairs because they will attract people to your stand. Choose the model and color that best represents you, customize them with the name and logo of your company and give them to you as a corporate gift. No doubt you will surprise your customers and loyal collaborators with trendy sunglasses with your company logo printed on them.

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What is branding?

Brand branding or company branding is the process by which a brand is built. It is about getting our company, business is easily recognized at a glance by identifying it through its logo, corporate colors, slogan, or any other sign that helps identify the spirit of the company.

How do we manage to highlight our brand with personalized items?

We are immersed in a world saturated with advertising impacts that have either stopped us from attracting attention or are even annoying, but what happens when that advertising comes to us in the form of an advertising gift?

The advertising or merchandising gifts generate a great reception among the public, increasing the visibility of the brand in a cheaper way than a massive media campaign.

With the different existing advertising gifts, the branding of your brand is strengthened because consumers have a more positive perception of the company. Gifts such as Sunglasses are tangible objects, the means of promotion implicit in intangible values that are associated with your business.

There is an approach between your company and the public creating, in a subconscious way, the need to make a purchase or contact to hire a service. In this way, we achieve customer acquisition.

Which model of personalized sunglasses to choose?

At, all our promotional items are quality products, in fact, the promotional sunglasses in our collection are all made entirely from top quality materials.

In our collection of custom promotional sunglasses, you will find models with a single-color or double-black frame and colored arms, sunglasses with fluorescent sides and colored lenses, sporty-cut glasses and other wide range of branded sunglasses that can be customized.

But, how to know what is the appropriate gift for my campaign?

At Promovate, we have made clear the importance of personalized gift as a means of promotion in order to strengthen the branding of the company, but we must maintain, whenever possible, a coherence between the gift we personalize and the philosophy of our business.

Today we can find a multitude of totally customizable advertising gifts, from the advertising articles of a lifetime to the most avant-garde and sophisticated. The important thing is to find the right promotional product to achieve the positioning in the minds of the consumers that are sought with the campaign.

How are promotional sunglasses customized?

You can customize the model of sunglasses chosen with your logo or slogan by imprinting it on a bar, or on both, with pad printing in 1 or more colors or, in some cases, even with a laser engraving.

Since the printing area is limited and extended horizontally with a height of 5-6 mm, we recommend customizing the sunglasses with writing or logo that extends in length, otherwise, it will be very small.

Are there different sizes of custom sunglasses?

At Promovate, our customizable sunglasses models are one size and are good for both male and female audiences. We also have a smaller model for children available colors.

Importance in the choice of advertising gifts company:

From, not only we offer a large catalog of promotional items but our experience in the world of communication and graphic production will help you get more benefit to your image, our graphic design team will advise you to choose at all times what type of personalization needs in terms of the adaptation of the size of the marking required by the product in each case, as well as the printing technique to be used such as screen printing, pad printing, laser recording, or any other option.

Thus, if you want to market your products or services the best option is to give away cheap yet branded promotional gift items. And on Promovate, you can explore through a wide range of such items with which you can surprise your clients, employees, and distributors with the name and logo of your company. Visit our site for a wide range – And contact us for more details.

Find promotional products customized for your activity on Promovate:

At Promovate, in our catalog, we have a wide variety of products so that they can be adjusted to all types of budgets but without ever giving up quality.

Finally, we have a large stock, to always be punctual with the order and delivery.

We welcome you on Promovate. Here you will find a vast collection of customizable promotional products, which will allow you to advertise your business effectively. Are you looking for pens, bags or custom water bottles? We have several options to choose for you and your employees.

Discover promotional items suitable for all occasions, including customizable gifts for trade shows and events, gift ideas for colleagues and regular customers, and bags and suitcases for traveling in style. Find the product with the level of quality you are looking for and add your logo to promote your business and communicate a professional image.

The branding and promotional item:

We all know that the brand is what sets us apart from the competition, hence the importance of working with the branding of your business. To strengthen and highlight your brand there are many marketing strategies, one of them and more recurrent is the use of advertising gifts, as they help you both to make a good impression among your customers and attract new ones.

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