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Stationery & Office

Promotional Stationary & Office:

If you are looking for the best products for Promotional Stationary and Office, you are here at the right place. At, we have an extensive range of products for promotional and marketing purpose.

All office supplies are ideally suited for promotions. In short: You can print the office articles and order online. Here we carry products that are ideal for bulk order.

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You can also be inspired by our exclusive promotional products for special customers. If it should be something special, then you have the way the individual personalization available. With this service, for example, the name of the recipient is engraved or embroidered in our in-house print shop.

Stationary and Office Promotional products with logo:

At Promovate, you can explore through a wide range of products such as from Basix Erazer to Bright Side Sticky Flags to Sharpner to Magnetic Memo Clip.

Office promotional items with individual advertising message ennoble and handed over as giveaways for office and desk to good customers, companies, and employees.

Office giveaways with individual advertising facilitate the daily office routine and advertise additionally with many eye contacts day by day. Due to the high frequency of contact with the advertising logo, office advertising media are among the most popular office promotional items.

Visit our website and buy cheap online office promotional products with your design, the order in the

Print office articles & order online:

Stationery, ballpoint pens with printing and other office items to be personalized online are one of the classic promotions in the B2B segment. This means that you target your target group in a targeted manner and also provide real added value for your desk.

Become popular and known to your customers and business partners with a hands-on approach to everyday work, ensuring that you’ll always be remembered.

In our online store, you will find an exclusive selection of matching office supplies for all industries.

At Promovate, you can order an extensive selection of low-priced promotional items and print on office supplies for your customers. Here we carry classic highlighters with logo in signal colors to the trend-conscious USB stick or printable power bank.

For each target group, you will find low-priced to exclusive office supplies from brand manufacturers. Here bound notebooks, printed pens and complete writing folders with logo belong to the basic assortment.

Regardless of whether you want to print self-adhesive sticky notes as a small order or burn the high-quality P-Pod Pen and Pencil Set, you can order giveaways for your customers online and on the invoice, and stay in good memory.

Office advertising material with individual advertising:

The printed office advertising materials can be used for your employees to identify with your company or within the company as a company presentation or for your customers, business partners as a daily helper.

No matter what desk the office giveaways stand with your logo, it is perceived and used by its entire environment and the recipient. With an office promotional item giveaway, the advertising message is your company’s daily presence over a longer period.

We also offer a cheap rate of printing on your Stationery and Office promotional products.

Many different office supplies are needed in the workplace. Here you can fall back on ecological promotional items in the sense of environmental protection.

For these products, priority is given to recycling and natural materials. For example, you can not only print eco-friendly office supplies and order online. At Promovate, you will find everything you need for resource-efficient office equipment. Bowls, coffee cups and lunch boxes in fresh colors lend the tea kitchen in the office a completely new and, above all, sustainable look.

Printed office supplies for direct targeting:

Also, office supplies are particularly well as giveaways. With office products, you always give your customers and business partners something useful and reach your target group exactly where it is during the week in the office.

With an office article as advertising material, you can secure your customers’ daily eye contact with your brand. The longevity of office products, such as letter openers, sharpeners, erasers, rulers, magnetic boards and mouse pads, ensures that your company’s advertising presence is communicated over the years.

Even short-lived and much-used office supplies such as writing pads, sticky notes, note boxes, and notebooks are often required in each office to record important notes during a telephone call or meeting.

Office supplies are not only needed at work. Quickly the pen is used to write the shopping list or mark the bookmark to the exciting point of the novel or stow the credit card holder to the debit card when shopping safely.

Office supplies are versatile and in daily use. That is why these items are the ideal advertising medium for your company logo and advertising message. In the Promovate, you can choose from a huge selection of office products and design them exactly online according to your wishes.

If you need help with the selection of your suitable article then we are glad, if you contact us. We help you with the selection and design so that you can hold your office supplies in your own time.

 Office advertising material for desk & wall:

The selection of giveaways for the office, giveaways in the category office advertising material is large and covers a wide variety of price ranges. All office promotional products can be individually printed, engraved. Which method is used depends on the material.

Take advantage of the positive, long-term advertising impact of this original advertising material for the office and desk and always stay in the memory or participate in everyday life.

How about, for example, an original piece of paper or individually printed sticky notes for a quick note of important information? High-quality promotional items for office, wall, and desk enjoy daily eye contact of your customers.

The office space is real powerhouses for printed giveaways, as they are surrounded by your customers every day. In the offices, the wall surfaces are well suited for calendars, the desk for printed promotional items such as the practical desk pads, memo holders, special note pads and extraordinary note storage.

Now browse our online store for your suitable merchandising item. You will certainly find the appropriate advertising classic from the “Stationary and Office Promotional Products” section.

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