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Promotional Shoes:

Looking for merchandising for sporting events, sports teams or tournaments? Or simply, useful promotional gifts for sports? Then get promotional shoes from

Sport is booming and sports promotional products or for the promotion of sporting events are increasingly in demand. Joining a logo or brand together with a sports advertising article is a fantastic idea since we join it to an image of healthy, sportive, team life, etc., is very well valued by the recipient.

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Also, on the other hand, are the promotional items that refer to the merchandising of the sports themselves, and that are very useful for sponsoring events, teams and sports tournaments.

Promotional Shoes – The best promotional gift:

The use of sports shoes also called tennis shoes has transformed our society.

To the point of going from being just to practice sports and leaving its daily use even frowned upon, to become the fashionable footwear for any time of day and even for any social event.

Sports shoes now combine with everything. It is no longer a bad sight to go well dressed and wear slippers. On the contrary, we have come to see ourselves as “elegant” as if we were wearing shoes or heels. They also create a feeling of well-being, since we feel much more comfortable being able to wear them all day without hurting our feet.

Currently, there are many brands and models of sports shoes on the market, from the techniques, which are specific to a particular sport, to the most urban or street style that set trends.

At, we have an extensive range of Promotional Sports Shoes which you can giveaway with the name of your company and logo. It is the best idea to market your products or services. So far, we have included in our catalog BRT Sprint Cross Trainer Sports Shoes that comes in white color. And there are many other Sports Shoes are coming very soon.

Things to consider while choosing the best Promotional Shoes:

– The first thing is not to take you by the brands or whatever they cost. The best shoe in the world will not serve you if it does not fit properly with your feet. Always remember that shoes should fit your feet and not your feet to the shoe.

– The sole should provide a good grip depending on the surface. If it is little sliding like cement or asphalt, the sole does not need large reliefs. If on the contrary, it is earth or grass, the sole needs to have greater reliefs and even heels.

– The midsole should have a thickness according to the damping capacity required by the sport itself. If it is an activity with jumps such as handball, basketball, long jump, etc., this should be greater. Materials such as gel, foam or air reduce the impact of the foot when stepping on the ground.

– The lining of the inside of the shoe has to adjust to the size of the foot without squeezing it, you have to be able to move your fingers, but also not leaving it loose.

– The last should be wide and round to provide space for the fingers, thus avoiding the appearance of blisters, calluses or bunions.

– Finally, in sports such as football, tennis, basketball, where you make lateral and turning movements, you need shoes with both internal and external reinforcements that offer protection to the heels and ankles.

– Like any other shoe that we are going to buy, it is advisable to try on the sports shoes with the socks with which we are going to practice the sport, and if possible at the end of the day, which is when the feet are more swollen due to daily activity.

– Also keep in mind that over time and the use you give it, sports shoes wear out. Even if you are sad to throw them away because they are very comfortable, they may not be fulfilling the function of protection or shock absorption that you need.

At, choose good quality materials that transpire well. Synthetics make your feet sweat a lot, and moisture can cause fungus to appear.

Buy promotional Sports Shoes from easily and quickly:

In, you can select from a wide range of promotional items the most suitable product for each event or promotional action and customize it with your corporate identity quickly and simply.

It is advisable to choose only the best products for promotional:

It is always advisable to choose the best and unique product for your promotional activity. For this promotion strategy to be effective, it is not advisable to give away the first products that come to mind, but those that are related to the turn of our business, and that is useful for our target audience.

Also, it is not advisable to invest in cheap and poor quality products, as we could give a bad image of our company. We must look for unusual items, and not resort to items that companies usually give away by lot and customers often lose or throw away easily.

Design and customization with your logo:

In our online store, you can select the right design of Sports Shoes for your branding action, request the desired quantities and the color that best suits your corporate identity.

Once you have placed your order at Promovate, our designers will get to work and in no time you will receive a free digital design of your personalized item to verify the final result. We will always ask for the approval of the design before moving on to production.

Why our customers trust our promotional items:

We strive to have a wide range of innovative, quality and very affordable customizable products: We have the right product for every specific action.

In at all times you will have the total involvement of our team to make your project a success. If you have questions about the right design for your branding campaign asks our experts, it will be a pleasure to help you!

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