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Notebooks & Notepads

Promotional Notebooks & Notepads

Personalized notebooks: The perfect tool to build customer loyalty:

Do you need to do something to boost your business? Advertising articles or, better said personalized notebooks & notepads can be your solution. In this article, we explain why and how you should use them.
Do you want to know the value that personalized notebooks & notepads can give your company?

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What are promotional notebooks & notepads?

Nowadays, it seems that the world revolves around technology. Every day it tends more towards digitalization, however, the classic notebooks & notepads are a useful and irreplaceable article.

It is unimaginable to conceive a world without paper, in which all the readings and writings were digital. In fact, most people use notebooks to make their daily notes. A notebook or notepad is a portable thing so, if you need to take notes quickly, it will be more useful to carry a notebook or notepad than a computer that is much heavier. If we compare them with a Smartphone, they are also useful since it is more convenient to take notes in a notebook than on a mobile phone.

Personalized notebooks & notepads with corporate identity are an important loyalty tool. There are other types of advertising items such as personalized caps that are useful to meet other types of business objectives. View our new range: Moleskine notebooks

In this article, we will first discuss the advantages of personalized promotional notebooks & notepads and the objectives that can help you to comply.
Personalized notebooks & notepads in the marketing plan:
The strategy or business marketing plan is composed of a set of actions aimed at achieving a global goal. There are many types of business objectives. Cheap custom notebooks can help you build customer loyalty and promote your brand.

In order to define a solid strategy, it is essential to adapt the actions to the sector in which the company has its scope of action, that is, to what is dedicated and to the budget with which they have to carry out this type of campaign.

The personalized notebooks as a loyalty tool:
Personalized notebooks are a good loyalty strategy. Other means of loyalty can be actions in social networks, newsletter, etc.
Advertising items or company gifts are not expensive items, but also if we take into account the number of impacts they generate, the unit cost decreases.

But why personalized gifts with a wide variety of advertising actions that exist?

Well, this may sound very obvious, but we all like to receive a gift. Corporate gifts have historically been used since the beginning of time given their effectiveness. These helped to get the favor of a king or certain privileges. Nowadays, they are still being used to obtain the favor or affection of the public.

If these gifts are chosen, if they meet a series of requirements it will be a great way to retain customers or suppliers. Gifts can encourage the purchase, for example, in the case of incentive customers.

On the other hand, the gift produces greater satisfaction in the process of buying a customer.View our new range: Moleskine notebooks

What are the advantages of a promotional notebook or notepad?

For all audiences:
It is a versatile object for all audiences, that is, it is valid for children and adults, but what is even more important, you can give it to any type of customer regardless of their sector.

Ample margin for customization:
Personalized notebooks or notepads give multiple options to personalization. They have large spaces for it. The covers are perfect to create very original designs. In addition, you can choose different, sizes, formats, materials or colors.

Thanks to the customization promotional notebooks & notepads, you can surprise by creating a different and very original personalized notebook. The more original the notebook is, the better the reception it will have, that is, the more it will attract the attention of the person who receives it.

The original notebooks are more effective:
There are more striking notebook formats than others. For example, this Mini personalized notebook has the peculiarity of having a hanger, so it draws attention and is very comfortable because the person who receives this advertising gift can carry it all the time with him. It will generate more impacts because it will be seen for example in press conferences, events and will allow you to take quick notes.

There are products such as a painting or a plant that are elements that are only decorative and that cannot be given a greater use than contemplating them, however, a notebook or notepad is an advertising item that can be used on a day-to-day basis. Most people usually make notes throughout the day, either in a work environment pointing their chores or commitments as in the personal environment to write down tasks, shopping list, etc.

The utility of the business gift you choose is one of the most valued requirements and that will prevent it from ending up in a drawer.

Values are changing today and the preservation and care of the environment are much more valued. Recycled paper notebooks or notepads are a good option if you want to convey that additional value.

Notebooks and notepads are an article that can be used in several environments. If it is used for example in a work environment, the personalized notebook will be seen by a large number of people who will receive an advertising impact.

Custom notebooks and notepads are advertising items that do not weigh so they are easy to transport. The more how the object is at the time of moving it, the more options to be seen will have.

Merchandising is the set of personalized products that are used to promote a brand. Custom notebooks and notepads can be included in a merchandising action making the brand gain visibility. Nowadays there are even merchandising courses in which you can learn to use this very effective technique.

Types of Promotional Notebooks:
• A4 Notebooks
• A5 Notebooks
• Eco Friendly
• Journals / Notebooks
• A6 Notebooks

Do you need personalized notebooks or notepads to boost your business?

In, we know the emotional impact that advertising gifts generate, that’s why we work in a personalized way with each client and we help you choose the promotional item that best suits your business and that can best capture and transmit your business values.

We have years of experience that endorse us as a leading company in this sector. We believe in the satisfaction of each client and help them grow. Do not miss to visit our website for unique promotional items.View our new range: Moleskine notebooks