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Promotional Mints:

Mints will be your sweetest promotion idea ever!

With peppermint as an advertising medium, the business idea of ​​your company turns out to be truly magical for your business client.

Nevertheless, that went back a good deal: hardly a child, then and now, that is not bound by fairy tales! Fortunately, we learned from that strategic planning of the past. With peppermint as a promotional item, nobody is kidding you. Unlike the romantic fairy tale, with peppermint as a promotional item right at the first attempt, it goes directly to the target: effective advertising for your company!

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Fresh breath for your customers:

Whether on a long day at the fair, after lunch in the office or simply because it tastes good: peppermint pastilles are very popular. The small white pills are still the hit of the category sweet advertising.

Individualized with own logo, these advertising materials leave a lasting impression. And the best thing is the price: At, promotional products with peppermint are comparatively cheap. The sugar-free candies can be decorative printed with your logo. Treat your customers to a little refreshment during a long working day!

Why use promotional products?

In the face of a very large volume of advertising and information, as well as a mostly high number of competitors, it is extremely important to bring back into the mindset of its customers again and again.

This is difficult to achieve with conventional means such as classic advertising in magazines. To stand out, it is necessary to develop an extraordinary advertising idea. Use our extensive assortment to find the right promotional items for your target group.

  • Promotional items are sustainable.
  • It can also be used for small target groups without wastage.
  • Advertising items carry a lasting advertising message.
  • Promotional gifts usually have a utility value.

Often it is far from easy to decide between the numerous possibilities of individual gifts and advertising materials. Because of the multitude of products in our comprehensive and versatile promotional products shop already poses the question of the right choice.

Promotional mint in many shapes and packing:

The mints are presented in a variety of presentation. The classic among the peppermint pastilles is the folding metal can with curved lid, which provides fresh breath in various colors.

The sugar-free candies are available not only in round cans but also in rectangular shape or as a 3-corner-push-me-can. Another presentation variant of the sweet promotional items is the 2 in 1 Mint and Lip Balm Jar which can be used in all seasons.

The category of peppermint is rounded off by mint sticks and peppermint bars. Discover the entire selection of cans and boxes with peppermint in our online store.

Mints in Flat box in different designs:

At Promovate, you can find various flat boxes for promotional mints which are an eye-catcher product. These unusual models of peppermint offer large advertising space for printing. Choose the right shape for your message, or show your customer the thumbnail that he cares about you.

Let yourself be printed on your very own promotional items.

Peppermint Promotional item with print or laser engraving on the box:

As simple as the content, as exciting as the packaging may be – design the small box or big box according to your wishes. Your advertising can be implemented without limitation of colors and raster gradients in digital printing.

If it should not be so colorful or with meaningful photos, we print the promotional items cheap printing for you. Optionally, you can also refine your logo with laser engraving on many metal peppermint cans. Find out online about the varied design options of the mints.

Print sugar-free advertising in the online shop:

You have chosen a small box with peppermint? The order can be easily handled through our promotional products online store. Most of the articles require a ready-made print layout, which you can request in advance from our customer service.

Design your layout with your logo according to your wishes and then upload the finished file online during the ordering process. Also, the price, availability and delivery time are already conveniently displayed in the shop.

After the order has been received, your design file will be checked and feedback will be given. In order clarity, the mint will then be printed and shipped.

Promotional items mint is a unique product:

Like Smile Ready Toothpicks & Peppermints is one of our top selling products. The full-surface digital printing contributes to an effective appearance. You can also choose the box and packing of your choice for your promotional product. Make your customer happy with the Slimline Mints.

Mint Products at

  • Tantalize Lip Balm & Mints
  • Jolly Mints Ball
  • Passion Mints
  • Slimline Mints
  • Clic-Clac Tin With Suger-Free Mints and many other eye-catching and sweetest products.

Promotional products and advertising materials can be printed on Promovate:

Advertising materials are intended to consolidate the bond with existing customers and convince future customers of their own company. In addition to the word promotional items, the term advertising is also often used.

It must be noted, however, that under advertising means TV spots, flyers or brochures are understood. However, these have nothing to do with the classic term promotional items.

What is more suitable as a promotional item than a useful item for everyday use? For companies, promotional items are part of everyday marketing to retain customers or business partners in the long term.

Promotional gifts not only ensure that companies are positively reminded but they persuade existing customers over and over again of service or their products.

For us, it is important that every company makes good advertising. We help companies to advertise with wonderful advertising material, of high quality and with short delivery time. At, in our online shop, you will find many printable ideas here. Our team is always at your disposal with suggestions and tips.

If you are not sure which particular product in Mints you want to finalize, do not worry! Simply give us a call and our experienced representative will guide you to choose the best mint product for your advertising purpose!

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