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Home and Living

Promotional Home & Living:

Are you looking for advertising material that sets you apart from the crowd? Then at you are exactly right with us!

We prefer to conceive and realize extraordinary promotional advertising materials made of precious materials such as glass, stainless steel, porcelain, wood or textiles. We are in constant dialogue with designers and manufacturers.

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The results are ideas that have become products that are functional and high-quality individual pieces, small series or even larger print runs.

Through individual refinement through laser engraving, embossing, doming, and textile printing, we create promotional items that delight your customers. With high flexibility and exact timing, we have the right solution for your task at the right time and in the right place.

Promotional home and living promotional items – high quality and cheap:

In every industry and every area of ​​life, giveaways are used and often used. Use advertising as a promotional item and create an advantage for your own company, but also your customer.

Whether cheap promotional items as small giveaways or now the high-quality promotional items as employee gift: The selection of cheap giveaways is so colorful and diverse.

At Promovate, with our products, you stand out. Our selected items are available in different shapes, colors, and designs. From Infusion Teapot to Kitchen Timer to Karma Cup to Ice Bucket – You will get a wide range of products at

We have the best ideas for your business campaign hands-on advertising, on-site consulting, full-service, merchandise, fan merchandise, accessories for every industry and in private, giveaways including design, thank-you gifts, live style products, “pampering” for their customers,

Promotional Home & Living products can be printed with logo by Promovate:

In our promotional products shop, you can choose from a large assortment, calculate your freebies online and, in collaboration with our consultants, have the promotional items printed on favorable terms.

Brand advertising articles:

Brand names stand for quality to give away means to express esteem. Promovate, therefore, offers high quality branded Home & Living products that can be used primarily as bonuses and giveaways for customers.


A Maiden Butter Spreader with the advertising slogan, a branded sugar spoon with a company logo or a Masterclass Silicone Oven Glove with advertising message: They all belong to the classical scatter articles, which may not be missing because of their broad effect and their favorable price in any advertising campaign. Cheap promotional items like these are ideal for reaching as many customers as possible with your advertising.

Small giveaways and very big impacts:

If you will giveaways small items with the logo and name of your company, it will impact a big for sure! Order freebies on top conditions? Sure, at Promovate, we have almost all products in our assortment in stock and thus ensure that the goods arrive quickly.

You would like to find out about the different printing options and costs? Individual advice is very important to us: Contact us. We will make you a personal offer for the printing of your freebies.

Unique Promotional Products at Promovate:

Be Unique! With a passion for design and quality, we realized unique custom promotional products. We offer convincing branding with intelligent printing processes.

Together, we will design an unerring promotional item that will be remembered and will transport your brand to the desired target group.

At, promotional item will have the same good quality as the products or services advertised. Every day at Promovate, promotional Items we make every effort to live up to this claim.

Personalized promotional items for the household:

Keep It Clean Bag Dispenser – Black offers a wide selection of smart promotional items for the home. Do you want your customers to build a long-term relationship with your business? Then customer loyalty is the central concept.

Through our many years of experience, we have concluded that promotional items for the Home & Living are particularly well suited for this purpose. Because they are present where your customer is at home and also deliver real added value. Let yourself be inspired and convince yourself of the quality of our products.

The best collection of Home & Living products for Promotional only at

If you have decided on a household Home & Living promotional item, you can personalize it with your brand logo, your company name, and additional text according to your specifications, then the desired product is printed or engraved by us.

Depending on how much space the promotional item has, you can add lines of text for a campaign slogan, general information, or just your company name.

If you want to provide the home accessory with your logo, you only need to upload a suitable graphic in JPG or PNG format. Make sure that you deliver a logo without strong gradients and in high resolution. If you have provided all details for the personalization of the promotional item, you can preview whether everything corresponds to your wishes or whether changes are still necessary.

If you need advice on how to do it, our experience will be happy to help you choose the right product for your advertising idea.

The selection of promotional items for the living area is varied. We have from Caps-off Spinner to Cool Lunch Box to Salt and Paper Shaker and many more beautiful products that can be used in household for a longer period.

And customers appreciate the fact that giveaways also have a meaningful use or at least make them useful in the home and the kitchen.

Promotional gifts with a logo for more customer loyalty and greater brand awareness:

Household products, home and kitchen accessories, decorative promotional items such as Elizabeth Infusion Tea Set, Salt, and Paper Pots, Tribal Carafe, among others. Browse through our online shop and discover a variety of freebies. Tie your customers to your business by raising awareness of your logo and advertising slogan using Promotional Home and Living products!