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Gift sets

Promotional Branded Gift Sets:

We all like to receive gift sets and there are many types and reasons. Here you can learn how personalized branded corporate gift sets with your logo are a good way to achieve customer loyalty and achieve other objectives.

What are advertising gifts for companies?

The corporate gift sets are items or objects that are delivered at no cost to customers, partners, employees, and the general public. These presents have specific objectives, such as entertaining, celebrating anniversaries, promoting an event, publicizing a new product through an advertising campaign, among others.

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The advertising articles pursue the sympathy of the consumer or public and point to the constant presence of a brand. Therefore, it is common for these gifts to carry the silkscreen or logo of the company or brand that is intended to make known.

Where can you buy branded promotional gift sets?

Now that you know everything you need about how to make business gifts, we invite you to obtain them from our online store at Here we have the best and most original gift sets to promote your brand, in this way you can entertain your customers and workers. Besides, the prices are highly competitive, so you should not make a costly investment.

At, we recommend you take a look at Personalized Promotional Branded Gift Sets and buy the right product for the marketing purpose of your products or services.

The importance of the promotional gift:

The advantages of transmitting the essence of a brand with promotional gifts like this are numerous since they become a powerful weapon in marketing:

  • They help to keep the company in the user’s mind. Using everyday items or usual as USB, cups or pens, you get to be present in the day to day of the individual. If at any time he needs using the services of the announced company, the name that he has been seeing day after day in his objects will be the first one that comes to mind.
  • It is durable and economical. A good branding campaign, whether online or off-line, has considerable costs. Promotional gift sets last over time and is much cheaper.
  • It is not perceived as advertising. Being a gift, the client does not feel it as advertising, but rather as a way of interacting with the brand. For this statement to be fulfilled, it is important that the gift be useful and of good quality.
  • It is customizable. The limits in terms of personalizing a promotional gift are almost endless. If in addition to good branding, the gift is original, we will get it to become viral, since the user will be so amazed that they will share their experience.

Buy promotional items and business gifts in our online store easily and quickly:

At, you can select from a wide range of promotional items the most suitable product for each event or promotional action and personalize it with your corporate identity quickly and easily.

Design and customization with your logo:

In our online promotional branded products store you can select the right item for your branding action, request the desired quantities and the color that best suits your corporate identity.

Once you have placed your order at, our designers will go to work and in a few hours, you will receive a free digital design of your personalized item to verify the final result. We will always ask for design approval before going into production.

At all times you will have information on the status of your order.

Why our customers trust our promotional items?

At Promovate, we strive to have a wide range of innovative customizable products, quality, and very tight prices: We have the right product for each specific action.

At Promovate, you will have the full involvement of our team at all times to make your project a success. If you have doubts about the right design for your branding campaign asks our experts, it will be a pleasure to help you.

Each project is different. Each project is important:

We are specialists in personalized gifts and company articles and we know very well that in each communication action the image of our clients is at stake, be it a large multinational or an SME, be it a large-scale advertising or a small event.

Promovate wants to be your perfect ally for your branding actions.

Specialists in personalized business gifts:

Develop your branding effectively with personalized promotional items with your logo. Our team of professionals will help you find the right business gifts so that your company has the best advertising items with your logo.

At, we guarantee quality advertising products and the best delivery times. And always full involvement of our team to make your event or promotional action a success.

Promotional business gifts only at

In business gifts, you can buy hundreds of ideal products for corporate gifts thanks to our extensive catalog, such as personalized keychains, personalized agendas, personalized pens, bracelets, and advertising agendas and much more. Consult us without obligation or visit our online store, we will be happy to assist you.

Here are some of the Gift Sets products you will find on our site:

  • Energyblast One Giftset Transparent
  • Energyblast Power Bank Gift Sets Including Pen
  • Solo Winter Warmer Set
  • Omega Four Gift Set
  • Mark It Stationary Set
  • Astor Gift Set and many other beautiful products.

At Promovate, we have a wide range of Gift Sets items which you can distribute among your employee, managers, suppliers, distributors, etc with the logo and tagline of your business firm.

If you want any kind of help to choose the best promotional product for your company, do not hesitate to contact us, our experienced representative will guide you which products you should choose to promote your products or services.

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