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Promotional Games + Kids:

Games and toys are great promotional products. Regardless of your age, this is something that everyone loves interactive board games and cuddly toys. And that is the reason why we have included Promotional Games + Kids in our catalog.

Games and toys for children in advertising:

At Promovate, we have a wide variety of entertainment and board games. All in advertising games for their parties. Individual and team games to play in both open and closed spaces. Ideal board games for advertising promotions for children. All our items are guaranteed and customizable

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From, we help you find the most original promotional and customizable gifts for all types of customers. A company that cares about the well-being of children and their happiness, speaks very well of it and there are various ways to reach children.

What are Promotional Games?

Promotional Games are a sales promotion tool consisting of items VR Headset, Interesting and learning games for kids which usually carry the logo or brand printed, engraved or screen print of a product.

Think of the little ones and give away advertising articles:

One way is through the gift of toys or things that are useful for them to learn. You can give them directly to children or parents, even a highly valued detail are gifts, these are given to future parents who have a relationship with your company.

Also, these gifts can be used in your favor, placing the logo of your company or the advertising you want. In, we have a wide variety of items for children that you can customize. These types of articles are very interesting as a promotion in sectors such as childcare, education, etc.

Why Games for Kids are the best promotional items?

The power of children in the decision to buy dads is something that every marketing and advertising strategist recognizes. On the one hand, they are a demanding market and difficult to keep attentive and entertaining; and on the other, there is great pressure for the brands because they know that those that are chosen during childhood accompany the person throughout their lives. In the future, they will also be consumers.

Therefore, it is vitally important that if your company is directed to this sector, you generate marketing strategies aimed solely at the children’s market. To do this, you must understand that you have to take into account their tastes, lifestyle and understand that today’s children seek new experiences and emotions.

To develop a better marketing plan it is recommended that you divide the sector into two niches: children (primary) and teens and adolescents (secondary and high school).

Any product acquires greater value and interest for children if it contains a special gift. The same goes for the services, they like to receive something extra. The interest for a product increases even more if the toys are given in different deliveries as a series.

Extensive range of promotional games only at Promovate:

At, we offer you numerous items among which you will find multiple custom games of all kinds – Fun and original games for entertainment, available for the promotion of your company. Board games are widely used for restaurants or bars, cards, dice, dominoes, and poker, all in advertising for the little ones. Do not hesitate to contact us, here you will find everything you need for each promotional campaign.

Board games are a good way to socialize and a perfect gift for both employees and customers. It is also a good corporate gift that the receiver will keep for many years, which will give visibility to your brand in the long term. Promovate has promotional games of all kinds, from board games to different card games.

What qualities should Promotional Games possess?

For promotional Games to be an effective tool that contributes to the achievement of the objectives that have been raised, they need to have one or more of the following qualities:

Be attractive: The design in terms of color, shape, size, weight or other should arouse the liking and interest in the target audience so that you want to obtain it.

Represent an added value: That is that promotional Games must ensure that the target audience perceives that they will receive something additional which is of value in exchange for their money, recommendation, prescription or references.

Be related to the product that is being promoted: For example, if the main product is stationery, the promotional gift should be something related to the kids.

Diversity of advertising gifts for children:

We count in our catalog with personalized notebooks of different sizes and themes, offering you also a series of different personalized pens of colors like red, white and green. Also, we have Pick Up Sticks, Brainbuster Puzzle, Domino’s, Magnet Colors, and many other great products under Games and Kids category.

Our range of products allows you to print your company logo on all of them, seeking to promote a brand image, specifically in this type of articles is ideal for those companies focused on children. We have a range of products. – Your best ally for Promotional Items:

At, we have an extensive range of products that you can order for your promotional and marketing activity. Just visit our site and go through each category to check our exclusive range of promotional games and other unique products.

These are some of the promotional gifts products we offer:

  • Arena VR Headset
  • Music Transmitter and Receiver
  • Catch & Play Hand Ball Set
  • Mind Challenge Ball
  • Link 4-in-a-Raw Game – And there are many others.

Personalize gifts for the little ones in the house:

We have a Link 4-in-a-row Game available to always be aware of children and also a safety vest. As for prenatal gifts we have Magnet Colors, also a popular Domino’s that is always a hit product.

Everything is ready to think about Games and Kids and think that we give them.

All these gifts will make the children of your customers and employees happy. Being these gifts a good way to keep them happy while you advertise your company.

In, we will help you to improve in a creative, easy, useful and economic way, since we have the best products for your promotional actions.

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