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Companies usually print Personalized executive folders, leather folders, Tablet holders and PU folders to keep internal use documents or tablet and deliver them to customers with their offer of services or promotional material.

The distinguishing features between printing a simple printing of presentation items are that the latter have a size somewhat larger than the product they must contain.

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And it is usually print with flaps on the bottom and side to hold the documents they contain. As it may not be easy for you to adapt your folder design to our templates, due to the different flaps, do not worry because, at Promovate, our design department will adapt your design of the A4 folders and A5 folders that you request us to print without additional cost.

You can select if you want to print folders online only from the outside or inside, if you choose only the outside, the flaps will also be printed if their design comes with color.

At Promovate, we have a wide range of products in Folders category:

  • A5 eTab Leather Folder
  • Leather Zip Around Folder
  • Tablet Folder
  • All in one A4 Folder
  • Eleven A4 Zip-around Tablet Folder – And many other attractive branded promotional items

Various formats available at Promovate:

If you choose the printing of folders with a flap to hold the documents, you should know that we offer different possibilities of formatting these flaps and that it is better to adapt to our formats because we have already made the dies that allow you to cut with the chosen form the flaps without extra cost for you.

Of course if you want us to adapt to the flap format that you have we can also do it, but it would be necessary to manufacture the first time the die and this implies an extra cost that can be important and that we must pass on the first impression, but if you consider it necessary, do not hesitate to ask us for a personalized quote on Also, do not miss to visit our website to check various products for your promotional folders.

In the flaps we offer, a slot is included to introduce business cards in the lower flap, an added value to facilitate contact with your client.

The best collection of executive leather folders:

You do not have to be the corporate CEO to rock the corporate style as we have a wide range of executive leather folders. You can easily print the name and logo of your company on these folders. We have the branded promotional PU folders, A4 & A5 leather folders, and Tablet Folder – It does not matter what you will pick for the promotion of your products or services, our each and every product is unique with high quality.

The best folder printing service for promotional gifts:

At Promovate, we offer a wide range of promotional folders for you. We have different types of promotional folders such as A4 Folders, A5 Folders, Tablet Holders, among others.

If you are preparing an event or an exhibitor for a fair, we offer you to print a roll-up where you can boost the presence of your company, for presentations or large samples.

Your best option is to print on rigid materials and discover all their versatility, for last, if you need to cover large areas or customize a space that already has a previous graphic we offer you the option of making custom vinyl, with this vinyl you can cover large areas and improve your visibility in any space.

Why print your presentation folders with us?

Most of the time you will not have to ask us for a budget for the printing of folders, just visit our website and contact us if you have any doubts about which finish or type of paper to choose, and how to send us the files.

Once you have it clear on our website you can see the prices according to the chosen delivery time and decide your purchase. Of course, if you do not have a clear adaptation of your design to our templates to print folders, do not worry because we will do it for you.

Once the order is made, the personalized folders will arrive at your home and you will be happy with the final result. We specialize in printing cheap folders with great finishing quality.

We make the best commercial presentation folders in the market:

At Promovate, the quality of our company folders is excellent, thanks to the high grammage of paper we offer and the perfectly integrated flaps as they are not glued.

In addition, in the small details, we also mark differences from our cheap printing, for example, with the space to insert your business cards in the lower flap and the possibility of plasticizing them or applying a glossy UVI varnish.

We deliver the unfolded folders so that they arrive perfectly with the transport, but it is very easy to fold the printed folders thanks to the crease in the crease area and the tabs to fit the flaps.

Although we do not show the prices of some other options such as the possibility of custom online folders carrying a window or with a flexible spine between 6 and 15 millimeters to put a lot of documentation, you have the possibility to ask us for a quote.

There are many other accessories that you can order such as clips or buttons to hold the CDs, self-adhesive fasteners or transparent covers.

We also print cheap presentation folders:

The presentation or corporate folders are a fundamental element of the corporate stationery of a company. Surely you will find the folder you need between our offer, but if you think your business requires a special folder (custom flaps, flexible spine, accessories,) do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.

The promotional folders are undoubtedly a key piece in a corporate identity, but this goes further, business cards, letter paper, personalized envelopes, carbonless checkbooks, and even cheap postcards, are some of the products that we offer you to complement and strengthen your corporate identity, show your logo and your colors in a creative way and above all in a unified way.

Finally, if what you need is to make a publication, with Promovate, you have the option to print books, or print magazines, visit our website and see all the options that we offer you to print your publications of books and magazines.

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