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Fleece Blankets

Promotional Fleece Blankets:

If you are looking for a personalized add-on, you are in the right place at

We put at your disposal a wide assortment of advertising blankets so you can select the one you like the most. We have a variety of different fabrics to give to your customers and be your successful new business gift.

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You will get that extra promotion you are looking for in a very effective way. The personalized accessories for the cold are a very practical gift for the day to day of your clients and collaborators.

By wearing your printed logo in the best quality, you ensure that the memory effect occurs between your customers every time they use it. Also, we offer business gifts for the cold at prices that will surprise you, such as Promotional Fleece Blankets.

What are Promotional Fleece Blankets used for?

The category of personalized advertising blankets covers a lot of promotional items of high quality and that will give a very good image of your business. All are products are essential to avoid cold in the winter season so you ensure you give them to use once you give them.

You can also choose to make them your gifts for companies, making sure you get the attention of those new potential customers.

How are they personalized?

Our custom Fleece Blankets section has the best variety of advertising items. You can choose to buy emergency blankets, convertible blankets, with opening arms, insets for travel and many more.

We customize each item with the most appropriate marking technique for the manufacturing material. Our serigraphy and embroidery service with years of experience guarantees a high level of quality and durability in the products.

At Promovate, We are experts in customizing all kinds of accessories and we are at your disposal for any questions you may have. We offer you blankets with advertising to be your perfect gift of the company with your customers and delight the smallest of the house.

The advertising blankets that we have selected are products of the highest quality and that have very low prices. Request your quote online to get a detailed price or call us if you have any questions. Our customer service is at your entire disposal to answer any questions.

Following are some of the products you will get to see on our site:


  • Good Life Picnic Blanket
  • Fleece Blanket With carrying Strap
  • Polar Fleece Blanket
  • Picnic Blanket
  • 160 GSM Outdoor Blanket

Customizable Fleece Blankets with your company logo in Promovate:

The blankets are very versatile. They are a product with infinity of utilities and functions. The customizable blankets that you will find in our online store are ideal for both snuggling on the armchair at home to see a movie and cover with it to take them in the vehicle when visiting cold places or snow before any unforeseen.

Diversity of customizable blankets in Promovate:

In Promovate, we offer you a wide assortment of customizable blankets with your company logo to choose from, blankets with different sizes, designs, colors, thicknesses, manufacturing materials (polyester, microfiber, polar, etc.) and uses. In our online store, you can find really interesting options that you can give to your clients so that they always have you in mind every time they use their promotional blanket. Visit our site – now to check out our wide collection!

Quality and comfort of advertising blankets:

Every one of the blankets that we offer in our catalog is made with first-class materials, materials that guarantee that the blanket is a quality product, comfortable, soft to the touch, soft and warm. That helps to mitigate the autumn cold winter. Our blankets are designed to ensure great comfort, relaxation and a sense of well-being, in addition to guaranteeing great warmth.

Our personalized fleece blankets with your company logo bring that touch of distinction that class and style that you want to offer in promotional gifts to your customers, or your employees.

Our blankets not only offer quality in the materials used in their manufacture, but they also guarantee quality in the engravings or impressions carried out of the logo or motto of your business in them. The quality differentiates us.

Why choose customizable Fleece Blankets?

Useful, practical, comfortable, soft, warm, versatile, in short, our products offer an infinity of advantages that your customers will surely perceive from the first moment, and all this at a truly attractive and competitive cost for your business, without needing to get out of the budget.

The fleece blankets cover a large majority of the public, being perfect as personalized gifts for children, even original personalized Christmas gifts.

In Promovate, we know that customers come first, so that before an event, fair, promotion or marketing campaign, do not hesitate to enter our website to check the many promotional products that we can offer to your company.

Beautiful and useful item:

When the cold arrives, one of the star gifts with which you will always succeed is the blanket. It is a promotional gift in which you can embroider the logo, include a label or make a special Packing making the impact of the customer to receive the gift is even greater.

They are products that can be used both in bed, in the car, in outdoor sporting events and, of course for a good night of blanket. We propose a selection of blankets that we stock to carry out your promotional campaign this season.

Our promotional Fleece Blankets are the best corporate gift or corporate merchandising. It is very popular during the winter and fall season, as it is an extremely useful gift during these cold months.

These blankets personalized with the logo of the company are ideal to give at events or promotional marketing actions to keep customers loyal.

They can also be used as a gift in points programs to increase sales. Choose between the models of promotional fleece blankets from our collection and we will screen-print you with the company’s logo at the best price, so do not hesitate to give these blankets to your clients in your next promotional action.

If you are not sure which is the perfect model you need to choose, do not worry! Just give us a call and our experienced executive will guide you!

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