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Diaries & Calendars

Diaries and Calendars are the ideal assistant for planning and organizing day-to-day work and free time.  We all have it, we all need it. They are indispensable in everyday life. Our world is controlled by dates, data, and notes – both at work and in private.

It is not surprising that Diaries and Calendars are so popular for both recipients and the advertising sector.  As an advertising article and by its use and daily use, the Diaries and Calendars manage to be the best memory for your advertising. It is a business card that one has insight every day.

If you are planning to advertise your product or service and looking for the best product, we recommend you to go with Promotional Diaries and Calendars.

Diaries and Calendars – An essential companion:

Diaries and Calendars are the best gifts that convince with numerable promotional possibilities and the creation of a brand.

The Diaries and Calendars as advertising support offer ample possibilities to make your company and its products shine as well as give a lot of play to reach your audience.

Apart from explicit details, such as its logo, the calendar transmits a great diversity of visual stimuli that can be used to convey your advertising message: shapes, colors, images, graphic design and typography on the back, title and agenda make his calendar a unique and unmistakable ambassador, in view of the user for 365 days a year.

Diaries and Calendars – Create a personal touch and long-term customer loyalty:

According to research, the publicity that can be touched achieves more attention, stands out emotionally and stays longer in memory.

At, we have a wide range of Diaries and Calendars in different designs and style.

What advantages do Diaries and Calendars offer me as advertising material?

If you print Diaries and Calendars and use them as advertising material, this offers you many advantages. You benefit from the positive advertising impact of this advertising material.

Diaries and Calendars are among the basic set of promotional items that every business should have. Diaries and Calendars can be complemented by other office supplies with your logo.

You can decide if you want to give away just one promotional item or tie a set of promotional items with your logo. We offer even more printable promotional products that can be thematically combined with diaries to form a set.

You can distribute printed promotional gifts at trade fairs, to open a new branch, to found a company or to celebrate the company’s anniversary. Diaries and Calendars can be given as a giveaway not only to business partners but also to customers, potential customers and employees.

They are suitable for large clients, and you are not limited to a certain group of people with this giveaway. A big advantage of Diaries and Calendars is the large advertising space. If the printed diary is taken out of the bag, your advertising message will be presented.

The recipient perceives your logo and is reminded of you. At the same time, your advertising message is also disseminated in the environment of the recipient. Increase your awareness with individually printed promotional products incidentally.

Diaries and Calendars as a giveaway – these are the advantages at a glance:

  • Offer large advertising space.
  • Available in many designs.
  • They are versatile.
  • Practical giveaways such as Diaries and Calendars and other stationery are widely accepted by customers and business partners.
  • Broad target group – Freebies are suitable for many groups of people.
  • The product can be optimally adapted to your corporate design.

Pocket calendar as promotional item:

Companies that use such giveaways, sure that the user sooner or later, see the company logo and thus the business relationship with the company will be recalled.

Incidentally, it is quite easy to approach a pocket diary as giveaway. Pocket diaries as giveaways tend to be lower cost for the advertiser in contrast to many other gadgets – pocket diaries become a part also added as an addition to the cash at the checkout in the bag packed and paid goods simply from the staff at the cash register.

Diaries – optimal giveaway in the business sector:

For many companies, Diaries are part of the business equipment. Many carry a book with notes in their briefcases and record their ideas and important notes.

If you want to give your business partners high-quality, individual giveaway diaries are a perfect choice. Such a giveaway is practical and gladly accepted. If it is to be used regularly, it must look appealing and be of high quality.

It’s important that you customize the cover, paper, and rules to suit your tastes and business contacts. Your advertising message should come into its own. The giveaway is intended to remind your business partners of you and your company whenever they are used.

We ensure that your logo, advertising slogan or company name is optimally printed and presented.

Diaries are the right companions in everyday business for:

  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Meetings
  • Customer appointments
  • Supplier appointments
  • Consultations

Equip your business associates and employees with printed diaries and make sure they always have the right book for quick, easy-to-use notes.

Promovate – Your best ally in promotional Diaries and Calendars:

You want to print Diaries and/or Calendars or other stationery individually with your company’s logo and/or message? Define now which format, which covers and which paper your promotional item should have and conveniently submit the print online on

We run your print job as you continue to work on your marketing strategy. Whether you want to advertise, see your art on the cover of Diaries or Calendars or realize another project, we are your point of contact in the net for individual ideas.

If you have any confusion or need more information on promotional gifts, do not hesitate to get in touch with We are here to help you!

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