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Who doesn’t love to receive a branded bag! These promotional products have the power to make a massive impact when branded with your logo.  

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These promotional items are a great way to get your company name out there. Not only will the owner of the gift see the advertising, but when it is being used, everyone who sees the branding will also be introduced to your company. It is a big win for your company and those who receive the gift will be enjoying the benefits of having this useful accessory.

Why Branded?

If you have the budget, why not? These promotional gifts can have a massive impact on your marketing and they are available in all shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. And when you add branding into the mix, you definitely have a marketing strategy that is well on its way to success.

They are not generally handed out to just anyone as they are considered high end gift items. Those wanting to bring a bit of marketing magic to a conference will find that this promotional item can be ideal, especially when you fill it with various other branded goodies. While this might be a pricey strategy, it is well worth the investment you will be making. It can be used again and again, filled with a notebook, a pen, a key ring, and even a hat, could mean your branding reaches more people once the conference has ended. Most will give away the branded gifts, and this is only going to spread awareness about your company.

Our range of branded bags includes backpacks, drawstring, messenger, mini gift bags, shoulder bags, laptop bags and sleeves, bags on wheels and even travel bags. We can tailor make yours and kit it out with custom branding.  To take this type of marketing to the next level, you should be considering matching the color of the item with your branding. This is just another way that you can make your company stand out from competitors, especially when you are presenting at an expo where you might have competition right next door!

Why Promotional Gifts?

These days, marketing is everything. That’s probably a drastic exaggeration, but you get the idea, marketing is a big deal in a world that is becoming more competitive. Promotional gifts can make your company memorable to potential clients, adding a certain staying power to your advertising that you are unlikely to get from general advertising.

Promotional gifts are more affordable than you think, even more so when you are adding custom branding, and when you pair the right gifts with your industry, you have the winning formula that will make your marketing plan effective. Branded gifts can be used as a corporate gift by any company, in any industry, because the idea is just that versatile!

Promovate can get you set up with branded promotional gifts. Get in touch with our team and take your advertising to the next level!

Every day is the concern of many companies and small entrepreneurs, to get sufficient visibility of their brand or products in the market. Currently, there are a lot of methods and resources to achieve the necessary impact, but few are as effective and as economical as using custom gifts, properly designed and made with the most appropriate materials.

What are promotional items?

Probably many people consider that the use of the promotional item is something that only large companies or commercial groups can choose when promoting their services or products in different events, conventions or fairs. However, right now there are a large number of custom fabric bags that are used in small events such as weddings, baptisms, birthdays or private events.

These promotional products can be used at any time, both by large companies and smaller ones. Printing is especially economical from of branding and so it can be used by all kinds of people at great prices.

What are the benefits of promotional Bags?

These promotional products are undoubtedly the perfect gift for events and promotional acts. Within the huge amount of promotional items, such as pens, brochures, flyers, t-shirts, notepads, etc., few get an advertising impact as important as these cheap yet quality bags.

They are usually the favorite objects to carry the rest of the advertising objects mentioned above. Their presence in the fairs and events, help to promote in a really effective way, the business or the services that are advertised, since they are walked by their carriers, being authentic traveling advertisements, that run through each of the corners of the ships and halls that make up any convention or fair.

In addition, small businesses such as clothing stores, cosmetics, pharmacies, etc can use the custom fabric bags or other materials, to give their customers to make purchases.

These bags, if they are also properly designed and have the right size, will undoubtedly be used in the future by those same customers to carry other types of objects, in their day today. In this way, it is possible to obtain constant publicity of the business, beyond the day in which it was offered as a gift to the clients.

What materials are used?

Nowadays there is a great number of materials that are used to manufacture personalized bags. Far away are the old paper bags of yesteryear, the first models that were used in their day, which because they are cheap and easy to manufacture, were present in a large number of businesses, stores, and large shopping centers.

In many cases, the type of material used is related to the type of event. In this way, cotton bags are one of the most common promotional bags since they are used in promotional events such as events, fairs, and congresses, where there is a large presence of companies and SMEs.

Many of these bags are the favorite of many people to use on a daily basis, in everyday actions such as making the daily purchase. Other of the most used advertising bags are the nonwoven type that gives a very interesting appearance, for its texture, emulating a natural braid.

How to choose the best promotional Bags?

A specific model that takes on special relevance today is recyclable ecologic bags because they are perfect for companies that value the environment, environmentalism and sustainable growth.

These bags can be very interesting for hospitality businesses, such as restaurants or greengrocers, where the care of the brand, its image, and products is very important. Other of the most used bags is those made of polyester, felt, natural fiber or recyclable plastic.

The heat-sealed TNT bags are another excellent option for many companies and small businesses that want cheap runs when it comes to printing personalized bags.

Types of bags you can choose for promotional:

  • Mini gift bags
  • Laptop Bags and Backpacks
  • Travel Bags
  • Toiletry and Cosmetic Bags
  • Sports Bags
  • Shoulder Bags
  • Shoppers and Totes
  • Backpacks
  • Conference and Messenger Bags
  • Bags on Wheels
  • Drawstring Bags
  • Double Decker Bags

What sizes are the most indicated for promotional customized bags?

There is a wide variety of printed bags of all sizes in the market. Depending on the sector and the type of business, one type will be indicated more than another. In this way, businesses such as pharmacies opt first for reduced sizes. Another type of shops, resort to larger cloth bags, where you can enter a large number of products and objects such as clothing, shoes or decorative objects.

Equally, it is possible to adapt the necessary measure, when preparing the printing of promotional bags. In this way, greater precision is obtained when developing any type of marketing and merchandising campaign, which needs to define each of the essential details, such as the colors to be used, the logo to be applied, as well as the specific sizes which in many cases may not be the usual ones.

Promotional bags – An excellent option to promote a business:

Either by sublimation, screen printing or by the transfer technique, the printing of personalized bags is currently one of the promotional and merchandising techniques, more effective and economical than those available to small business and individuals, to promote business or to commemorate a special date.

Advertising bags are one of the most successful methods for anyone who wants to obtain an important presence in their sector.

Especially indicated for large promotions of large firms, as well as for small businesses that work in a more local environment, where their clients are a few kilometers away, and which can act as perfect promotional tools.

Personalized cloth or cotton bags enjoy great popularity in many businesses, which have known how to use this type of products to obtain a great presence, not only on the streets but also in the homes of many people. A printed cloth bag is always a useful object, simple and of little size and weight, which is at the hand of many families; an object that takes on special value and importance, if it has been made with the most appropriate materials and with the most appropriate design.