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Alarms and Clocks

Promotional Alarms and Clocks:

Nowadays, we are more aware that one of the most important and valuable things we have is time. We appreciate it because we usually lack.

We live submerged in daily meetings, work, plans, and activities. And for that reason, there is an element that always accompanies us and that helps us measure it, the Alarms and Clock.

At, we have a wide variety of personalized Alarms and Clocks with which you will be able to pleasantly surprise your customers, generating a positive memory of the brand and extending its reach.

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Custom wall and table clocks:

In every desk, office, living room or home, we have a table or wall clock that allows us to instantly check the time it is. It is an indispensable that accompanies us always.

The personalized table clocks will help you to make your brand visible at all times by generating a memory in the minds of people who cross it frequently.

It comes at many shapes, sizes, colors, and prices. Analog and digital, a promotional clock is a pure gift that will generate reach and permanence for your brand.

Promotional products in Alarms and Clocks category:

  • Desktop clock
  • Man shaped alarm clock with Memo Holder
  • Hanging Wall Clock

Personalized Alarms and Clocks are a suitable promotional gift for any client. It is very useful since we use it in our day to day and that is why it will also have a privileged place, always in sight either on our table or wall. Thus it will gain greater visibility. It is a gift that is used for long seasons, even years, lasting the image of the brand. It is used by both men and women today and there is infinity of models and forms.

The power and impact of the advertising gift on customers and consumers:

Giveaway of Alarms and Clocks are a channel of constant communication between a company and its consumers, it is a fact that the word ‘gift’ or ‘free’ attract the attention of the consumer in a trade fair, in a business exhibition or in a shopping center.

The industry of promotional items is one of the most versatile that, in addition to giving a good image to the company is a form of free advertising.

The positioning of brands in the market:

Alarms and Clocks work very well as part of an integrated commercial project, to carry the logo of a company are very useful tools for the positioning of brands in an increasingly competitive market because the consumer or potential customer is facilitated by the memory of the company that gave him a useful or nice gift.

Promotional campaigns:

Promotional items cannot be missing for a promotional campaign at business fairs. Each person who passes in front of a stand becomes a potential client. Offering informational brochures is not always a good idea because many people throw them away without reading, or, even if they read them, they forget the name of the company and the contact form.

A good option is to offer small promotional gifts such as pens, folders or notebooks personalized with the logo of the company and that will be useful to potential customers by providing them with the memory of your company.

Public relations:

Public relations are very important to motivate competitiveness, to encourage societies, share advertising or simply to reward the companies of which it is a supplier.

This type of inter-company cooperation is very common among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The advertising gifts between companies help to preserve the alliances, to thank the preference of the clients and to good handling of corporate image.

The catalogs of promotional items have many options for this type of gifts such as pens, cups, USB memories, mouse pads, etc. All customized with the company logo.

Watches and personalized awakenings:

In the sale of promotional gifts, the desktop clock is the best item that everyone uses.  Depending on the sector that we want to address, Promovate offers you different options.

The desktop clock, as a gift of merchandising, gives us endless possibilities, such as office dispatches. A beautiful 360-degree rotating clock with photo frame, a rotating globe with photo holder and as a star gift a magnificent table clock with world time function and card compartment, can also serve as corporate gifts for the Christmas campaign.

A unique gift item – advertising alarm clocks:

It is simple and maybe choosing the right advertising alarm can make the morning something much more fun.

In our catalog of personalized Alarms and Clocks,  you will find the most fun, useful, modern and friendly designs of alarm clocks, an ideal gift for your clients where you can customize your brand image and be present in the day to day of your customers.

Imagine that your customers wake up and the first thing they see is your brand, and from the first moment until the last second of the day, your brand will be present. Is not it great?

Get the best alarm clocks to personalize:

In Promovate, we take care that your client receives the best product, with the best quality and design of the market. We have multiple models, of different styles, colors and for all needs. You can also get these fantastic products at the best prices. You just have to choose the model that you like the most and the Promovate team will take care of what you were looking for.

These alarm clocks have the advantage, unlike many commonly used marketing products, that these are everyday and necessary products in the life of absolutely any client you wish to reach.

In addition, it is a creative way to advertise your brand, and it is also an effective way for your business to always be with your client. The creative ways to reach your customer are always well received.

In this way, an advertising product is a way to show the interest you show for your customers and because they are objects of daily use, the customer will be grateful, being your first choice when you require the product or service that your company offers.

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