Promotional Shirts and Blouses:

Personalized clothing and especially personalized Shirts and Blouses are the essential complements in any company, both for its workers, for events, fairs, congresses, and even promotional actions.

If you want to give away any products for the marketing purpose, Shirts and Blouses are one of the best options to go with.

Undoubtedly, they are one of the business gifts most demanded by customers both for their value for money and for everything it brings us. The personalized textile allows us to enhance our corporate image because they are promotional items for everyday use so it helps us achieve greater visibility of our brand.

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As personalized gifts, they are always well received and will generate a positive response in whoever receives it. Also, they are long-lasting advertising articles since it lasts over time.

In, we have a wide range of personalized clothing. Shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, kids wear, sports pants, etc. in different models, shapes, and colors that fit directly to your needs.

Cheap custom shirts with your logo or design:

As for advertising Shirts and Blouses, it is worth noting the models of cheap custom items where the quality of the textile is not compromised. Also, we have higher quality Shirts and Blouses as well as another type of advertising textile to personalize with your brand logo.

About the quality of our personalized Shirts and Blouses for advertising:

It is undoubtedly one of the stars within the world of advertising items and merchandising and without a doubt one of our top sales. That is why we take the quality of our personalized and advertising Shirts and Blouses very seriously, and therefore, we affirm that you will not have problems with any of the ones you choose.

A key factor to know if the quality is higher or lower is the price and if you look we will indicate it simply because we indicate with a “recommended” flag, those whose price-quality is the best.

What kind of materials do we work?

The truth is that we touch all the materials offered by the textile market, being the most demanded by companies 100% cotton t-shirts, ideal for screen printing with your logo and they are also cheap and quality, but we also have them in polyester/cotton, or 100% polyester technical sports shirts.

But we do not forget the environment and we also go beyond offering organic material such as organic cotton, which unfortunately is still too expensive due to its low consumption.

How are our shirts customized with your company’s logo?

The field of customization is very wide, and the truth is that we master all printing techniques to customize textile garments then we detail them with a small presentation of them.

Textile screen printing: Without a doubt, the customized screen-printed Shirts and Blouses are the usual star, because of the quality of the printing and because for volumes from about 100 units it is usually the cheapest printing technique, and it is the oldest of all.

Ideal especially for those of cotton although it can be used in any type of garment and allows printing in various colors, with or without gradients and even complex 4-color.

Digital screen printing: It a more modern method because it is done through a special printer for Shirts and Blouses whose particularity is its low price for small runs, from 1, 2 or 10 units, for example. However, this technique is not competitive for larger quantities.

Vinyl and transfer: Vinyl is like a plastic sheet that adheres to the garment by heat ironing. There are several types of vinyl to print on textile clothes, the cut vinyl, ideal for when it is a single-color print, or the vinyl print, which allows full-color prints. It is ideal for, for example, a unit without personalization being excessively expensive.

Sublimation: It is only used to print white custom t-shirts of 100% polyester, or in some cases also of polyester mixed with cotton. It is a technique with a spectacular result because the logo ink adheres to the polyester molecules and it is as if the logo came out from within.

Its execution is similar to vinyl or transfer, as it is a specific paper, where the logo is printed with special inks, this is then transferred using a heated iron on the garment.

Embroidery: A technique to personalize advertising or promotional Shirts and Blouses of the most elegant, everything and that is not the most common in clothes. To embroider a shirt, it is important that it has a good weight since the stitches of the needle when embroidering the logo can damage the fabric if it is very thin.

There are more printing techniques, but without a doubt, these are the most common techniques in the world of advertising, and the winner is screen printing, for its quality and competitive price. On the other hand, the most common parts that asks us to print more are the chest and back of the as well as the sleeves, although this option is less frequent.

What types of custom shirts do we have and for whom?

From the basic cotton shirts, straight cut and white to an assortment of numbers colors, or two-color raglan sleeve very original. We have them with a tubular cut (without seams on the sides) or with seams on the sides, with a round neck or with a V-shaped collar or fitted more fitness type, short-sleeved, long, sleeveless or with straps.

And of course, we have them unisex, for men, women or children for children, for your company, event or whatever you want.

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Here are some of the items we have in Shirts and Blouses category:

  • Ladies Short Sleeve Drew Shirt
  • Dallas Blouse
  • Ruby Blouse
  • Rita Short Sleeve Blouse
  • Ladies Harper Blouse
  • Ladies Seattle Blouse and a long list of other items.

Customize Shirts and Blouses to promote your brand:

Customizing Shirts and Blouses to promote a brand, a company or a logo is an investment that will always be beneficial.

There are different options to customize t-shirts, with silkscreen printing, screen printing, embroidery, and among others. Check out our online store and discover all the options to customize Shirts and Blouses.

Merchandising with custom Shirts and Blouses:

During our years of experience developing and designing different advertising items, such as personalized Shirts and Blouses, we have carried out various merchandising actions related to these products and have perfectly fulfilled the needs demanded by the client.

The best quality of Shirts and Blouses:

At Promovate, we have a wide range of promotional textile items. They are 100% cotton t-shirts and can be customized with different marking techniques.

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