Wear a stylish face mask.  Wear Polymask by Promovate.

Polymask is a brand of face masks used for the prevention of spreading viruses through droplet dispersal, such as coughing and sneezing.

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Polymask Adults and Polymask Kids face masks are manufactured out of high-quality polyurethane, commonly known as polyester, sponge.  They are resilient, stretchable and comfortable and can be used repeatedly.  These single layer masks are 2mm thick with good air permeability and high filtration efficiency which offers protection and smooth breathing.

Polymask Adults and Polymask Kids face masks are elastic and skin friendly while being extremely comfortable on the ears and soft on the face.

Polymask Adults Face Mask are available in black, grey, pink and light blue while the Polymask Kids Face Masks are available in black, pink, light blue, lime green and bright yellow.  Other colours are available on request and we are happy to assist with bulk orders and branding the masks with your company logo.

The Polymask Plus is the Nano Mask in our range and offers exactly the same quality and wear as the Nano Wave Face Mask.  The Polymask Plus has a cold flow breathing valve to allow for easier breathing and air flow.  The double layer mask is 2.6mm thick and filters out harmful particles and helps prevent the spread of droplets through sneezing and coughing.  These masks are also great for aerobic activities and sport.  The V-shape of the mask makes the face look slim and fashionable and the mask is available in black, grey and pink.  Other colours are available on request and customisation with your company logo is possible.

The Polymask Adults, Polymask Kids and Polymask Plus (Nano Wave) Face Mask face masks all fit snugly to the contours of your face.  They protect your mouth and face from dust, wind, cold, ash, pollen, allergy, flu, fog, haze, vehicle exhaust, passive smoking as well as prevent the spread of droplets.

These masks are excellent for everyday wear in public, at the office or at school as they are comfortable on the face and ears.  They are easy to breathe with and they do not muffle your voice while talking making it easier for people to hear what you are saying.

This range is washable up to 8 times if hand washed gently with soap and water.   It is recommended that high temperatures, high-humidity and direct heat be avoided in order to maintain the lifespan in efficacy of the product.

The Polymask Sport face mask is a hit when it comes to exercising in public spaces such as gyms.  It is also suitable when exercising in large groups in close proximity such as boxing classes or Crossfit.  These mesh masks have 5 layers of protection and filtration and have an activated carbon filter (pm 2.5) that can be easily replaced.  The Polymask Sport Face Mask has an adjustable nose clip to fit to your face shape with double breathing valves for smooth breathing during vigorous activity.  This mask is effective in preventing the spread of droplets through sneezing and coughing and the slick design makes it an accessory to your fitness look.

The Polymask range is exclusive to Promovate and is here to help you protect those around you as well as yourself during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond.  Our range is growing, and colours are updated regularly based on demand.  If there is a style, colour or customisation that you need made let us know and we will assist you.  For small orders please order online at www.polymask.co.za

Wear a quality brand without paying the price, wear Polymask.

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