Introducing Promo 24

Ever needed branded promotional products at the 11th hour only to find that adding your logo or message in record time wasn’t possible?
Of course you have! Now, with PROMO24, unplanned doesn’t have to mean unbranded…

PROMO24 is a new initiative that offers “next day” turnaround including branding on 170 of our most popular products when you need branded product super-fast!

Promo 24 Catalogue Overview

Throughout the website you will notice the Promo 24 icon next to certain products.

The maximum quantity and minimum quantities will be confirmed by your Account Manager in writing before your order is placed.

Your account manager will also make you aware of the branding guidelines for the product and the branding options available for Promo 24 products.

Due to the nature of Promo 24’s fast tracked behaviour, normal branding guidelines no longer apply and certain products can only be branded at a certain position.

Note that only one position can be branded on a Promo 24 order. If more than one position is required, it will be standard order on normal lead times.

Due to the reduced lead times associated with Promo 24 orders, the following branding parameters must be adhered to:

Branding outside of the demarcated Promo 24 branding area, or at a size that exceeds the maximum branding space, will not be available as part of the Promo 24 next-day offering. Artwork will always be centered within the demarcated space and printed proportionately at either the maximum width or maximum height (depending on the orientation of the logo) of the defined Promo 24 branding area on the Promo 24 branding guideline.

 See examples below:


Each Promo 24 product can only be branded in one of the following ways: Can only be 1 colour / 1 position pad or screen print; 1 position Laser Engraving, 1 position Dome Sticker, 1 Position Vinyl Sticker, 1 position Full Colour Digital Print.

It does not and cannot include any embroidery as the need to digitise a logo takes away the ability to offer this timeframe.

Terms and Conditions

Wherever the PROMO24 text appears in our Promotional Gifts website, you can confidently select the associated PROMO24 product and have it branded and complete by the end of the following day, subject to specific criteria being met.

• Once you place and pay for your order, and funds have been cleared, no amendments or cancellations to the order will be possible.
• PROMO24 applies to select products only and each is tagged on The Promo Group website with a PROMO24 icon.
• Minimum and maximum quantities apply to PROMO24 product orders.
• Specific PROMO24 branding guidelines apply to PROMO24 products. Each PROMO24 product can only be branded according to the method on the associated guideline, always in one position only.
• No artwork proof is provided under PROMO24 and vector artwork together with specified colour is required on placement of your order. For pad and screen-printed logos, Promovate will always centre the logo within the demarcated space and print it proportionately at either the maximum width or maximum height of the designated PROMO24 branding area on the PROMO24 Branding guideline.
•Orders placed Monday to Thursday: The PROMO24 service is available Monday to Thursday (when they are trading days in South Africa) and orders must be placed and paid for by 5:00pm to be complete and ready for collection by 5:00pm the following day.

• Orders placed on Friday:
Orders placed and paid for before 12pm on a Friday (where it is a trading day in South Africa) will be completed by 5:00pm the following Monday. Orders placed after 12pm on a Friday, weekends or South African public holidays will not qualify for PROMO24 service and be treated as standard orders with regular branding lead times.

There is no surcharge for PROMO24 orders.