Low-Priced Branded Pens

Looking for a fantastic strategy that ups your marketing game and makes your company more memorable to potential clients? Branded pens might be exactly what you are looking for.

Everyone uses pens, and that is what makes them the absolute perfect corporate gift, regardless of your industry. The power of branded pens for advertising has always proven that the pen is mightier than the sword!

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Why Pens?

Pens are the simplest way to promote your company, and sometimes the simplest route proves to be the best way to go. Promotional pens come in a variety of colours and they can be branded with your company name, logo and even contact details. With our massive range of pens, including eco-friendly, plastic and metal pens, you can customise your approach to this style of marketing.

Handing out custom made pens to expo visitors, to customers, or while trying to raise awareness for your products in the hope to turn listeners into buyers, many companies opt to use pens as corporate gifts. Why? Because they are easy to customise, they are really cost effective and they have staying power. The biggest hurdle for corporate gift givers is the longevity of their gift. A corporate gift depends on the receiver holding onto the product for a long while. The more they see and use the product, the better the marketing effect of the product. Pens are used every day, so people will see your branding every time they want to write something.

This should answer the question of, “Why pens?”

Our branded pens are ideal for conferences, restaurants, banks, and trade shows. You don’t have to give the pen away for it to have the impact that you want it to have. Simply seeing the branding can give you the desired impact!

When functionality meets visibility, you have a winning marketing plan!

We process orders of all types and sizes, and with our custom design service, we can make your branded pens truly stand out. Our prices and our fast turnaround service will help you get a better foothold in the game. Our team works closely with clients to produce a final product that really speaks volumes about the business.

Why should you use Branded Pens as a Corporate Gift?

If you are on the fence about whether or not you should be including promotional products as a part of your strategy, consider this: is your strategy versatile enough to hit all the marks? When using promotional products, you can reach a wider audience that you might not have considered before. When working with Promovate, you can also enjoy lower prices, great service and a fully customised gift that properly represents your business.

It’s time to include branded pens in your marketing and we are the team who can assist you in achieving new marketing goals. Contact us to find out more about our products.



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