Customised Branded Bags

Who doesn’t love to receive a branded bag, especially when that bag is fashionable? Bags have the power to make a massive impact when used as promotional gifts and when working with Promovate, you will enjoy the best prices.

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Branded bags are a great way to get your company name out there. Not only will the owner of the bag see the advertising, but when the bag is being used, everyone who sees the branding will also be introduced, in a way, to your company. It is a big win for your company and those who receive the bag will be enjoying the benefits of having this useful accessory.

Why Branded Bags?

If you have the budget, why not? Branded bags can have a massive impact on your marketing and they are available in all shapes, colours, sizes, and materials. And when you add branding into the mix, you definitely have a marketing strategy that is well on its way to success.

Branded bags are not generally handed out to just anyone, but they have a special trait that many other corporate gifts simply cannot compete with. Those wanting to bring a bit of marketing magic to a conference will find that the bag can be ideal, especially when you fill that bag with various other branded goodies. While this might be a pricy strategy, it is well-worth the investment you will be making. A bag that can be used again and again, filled with a notebook, a pen, a key ring and even hat, could mean your branding reaches more people once the conference has ended. Most will give away the branded gifts, and this is only going to spread awareness about your company.

Our range of branded bags includes backpacks, drawstring bags, messenger bags, mini gift bags, shoulder bags, laptop bags and sleeves, bags on wheels and even travel bags. We can tailor make your bags and kit it out with custom branding, including your company name, logo and contact details. To take this type of marketing to the next level, you should considering matching the colour of the bag with your branding. This is just another way that you can make your company stand out from competitors, especially when you are presenting at an expo where you might have competition right next door!

Why Promotional Gifts?

These days, marketing is everything. That’s probably a drastic exaggeration, but you get the idea, marketing is a big deal in a world that is becoming more competitive. Promotional gifts can make your company memorable to potential clients, adding a certain staying power to your advertising that you are unlikely to get from general advertising.

Promotional gifts are more affordable than you think, even more so when you are adding custom branding, and when you pair the right gifts with your industry, you have the winning formula that will make your marketing plan effective. Branded bags can be used as a corporate gift by any company, in any industry, because the idea is just that versatile!

Promovate can get you set up with branded bags. Get in touch with our team and take your advertising to the next level!

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