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Where affordable promotional products collide with effective marketing strategies, you can see a remarkable difference in the way that you interact with your clients while also experiencing the benefits of great marketing.

At Promovate we are the creative team of promotional product and design experts ready to help you with your promotional gift selection. Corporate gift giving is one of the most exciting aspects of marketing, one where you can unleash your imagination and end up with something truly memorable.

Collaborate with the team that knows how to bring your ideas to life. Work with Promovate for the best promotional products in South Africa and enjoy the very best prices!

Promotional Products have true staying power

Want to really be memorable in the eyes of your customers, both existing and potential? Well, there is no better way to do this than by giving away a few simple, yet effective corporate gifts. When giving the right kind of corporate gift, especially if it has been branded, will give people a good reason to remember you!

Improve your reputation

In business, your reputation is everything. When you have a good reputation for providing a great service or quality products, you will always have support. Giving promotional products, only those that are a quality reflection of your business, are sure to keep your reputation in good standing!

Promotional Products in South Africa are ideal for all types of business

To help you make your decision about which products will be best for your campaign, you need to look beyond the price and consider this:

  • Does your gift have a specific purpose? The best gifts are those that not only have a purpose relating to your campaign. The most effective gifts have an actual use. Think USB drives and coffee cups.
  • Does the product reflect your industry or your company? Sometimes, this connection can help clients to remember your company.
  • Are you choosing the right gift for your specific market? You will find that some occasions call for special gifts rather than the average gift. Be sure to gauge your market so that you give the right gift.
  • Finally, does it fit your budget? Although we said don’t reflect on the price alone, your budget is certainly a big factor to consider. Luckily, our range of affordable gifts is ideal for companies with both big and small marketing plans.

Buy your promotional products in South Africa from Promovate

Promotional products offer a way to get into the hearts and minds of your customers. One gift, no matter how simple or how small, can change the way that a customer looks at your company. We believe in the power of promotional products in South Africa and so we offer our clients one of the widest ranges of corporate gifts in the country! Promotional products in South Africa serve the same purpose as promotional products in other country. They are all part of the grand marketing plan of any given company. The same plan that is going to help your company to grow, by spreading the word of exactly what it is that your company is doing and why you are doing it. Gifts given to clients can have a profound effect on the way that you interact with your customers. In fact, the right kind of products can improve the way that you do business! Promovate has over 16 years of experience and a dedicated team of creative experts At Promovate we import some of the best promotional products for your clients.

We can source the promotional gifts that you want, both from local sources as well as from overseas companies, and to improve the potential impact of the product, we’ll brand it! Not only do we provide those affordable promotional gifts that we know can be brilliant for marketing, but we are also a below the line advertising company. Each client is a priority, and to ensure that we always offer the latest in promotional gifts, each year we pack our bags and head to the various popular trade shows around the world. This is where we are able to let our creativity flow with fellow industry leaders, allowing us to come up with exciting new ideas for promotional products to use in South Africa.

We only use reliable, trusted suppliers of corporate gifts. Quality is our guarantee


Going beyond the realm of Promotional Products in South Africa

Promotional products are the very big tip of the marketing iceberg. We know that a gift is only as effective as the campaign that goes with it. While many of our clients already have their own marketing strategies to accompany their branded corporate gifts, for those who don’t have a campaign, we have the solution. Along with our vast selection of affordable promotional gifts and corporate clothing, we have a team ready to assist you with the creation of your own, unique marketing strategy. Not only will we provide you with the right promotional product, at a great price, but we will also take the time to get to know and understand your company and your industry! Our creative marketing strategies encompass the implementation of the strategy as well as the design aspects of your campaign.

How do Companies Benefit from Promotional Gifts? The benefits of promotional gifts are not just seen in the short term but will carry on for many years after you first launch your campaign. Promotional products offer a lot in terms of your return on investment. Most campaigns can be quite successful without costing a fortune. But before you jump into the planning of your campaign, allow us to share the benefits of promotional products in South Africa, with you.

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